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America’s Next Top Model: Makeovers and Tears

September 22, 2010 08:32 PM by Rebecca Ford


It’s Makeover Week on America’s Next Top Model, and we all know what that means! Tears, and plenty of them! Then, the models pose as fallen angels for the shoot.

The models are visited by Tyra Banks, who comes bearing portfolios. She says these are the books that they’ll be filling in the upcoming weeks with beautiful photos. She says before they do that, however, the need high-fashion looks. That means makeovers! Tyra breaks down what types of changes the models can expect.

This season, there’s a new troublemaker in the house. Lexie decides to create a fake makeover list with horrific ideas for each girl, and, with Rihanna and Ann’s help, they plant it in the house to freak out the other women. The women freak out, and Lexie plays along. She’s trouble!

Next, the contestants head to Fred Segal for their makeovers. There are plenty of changes. The goal seemed to be to make the models look as freaky as possible, which will somehow translate into high-fashion. Awkward Ann gets extensions, which help with her height. Sara gets dark hair, but her eyebrows bleached. Not good. Liz gets a super-short haircut, which she hates. Terra has a meltdown about her cut and color. Her sister is even surprised. Speaking of, Chris gets a long curly weave.


Jane got a fresh look with a lighter shade of hair. She looks younger. Lexie got a light brown look. Esther’s hair was dyed black and given some length.

The Js have a surprise for the contestants! Turns out one contestant will be eliminated based solely on her makeover photo! The contestants freak out, and Miss J tells Terra that she’s going home. The Js give her the speech that “we don’t believe that you believe you belong.” They really know how to breakup with someone. Her sister Chris is very upset.

The contestants get a Tyra mail that says: “It’s one thing to go to the top, but can you stay there? Love, Tyra.” The contestants go to Malibu to play fallen angels. They’ll be hooked up to harnesses, and wear black and feathers. There’s also male models!

The contestants are each given a different word for their shoot. Sara struggles on the shoot. Kacey, who has a boyfriend back home, is flirting hard with the male models. Keep your eye on the prize!


Chelsey does very well on her shoot with her theme “Mysterious.” Lexie is not delivering, and Jay is disappointed. Is that what she gets for her little prank? Ann’s awkward-ways get her a great photo once again.

At judges panel, the guest judge is Patricia field, the stylist for Sex and the City. The judges tell Esther that she always does the same face in all her photos. After making fun of Kacey’s shirt, the judges say her photo also fell flat. The judges are also hard on Lexie, saying none of her photos were editorial. They also say that Kendal failed to portray her word, “Lust.”

There is praise for, of course, Ann, giving hope to all the awkward girls in the world. Kayle is also praised. Overall, Tyra says the contestants are not working hard enough, and that they need to step it up, especially with such great photographers.


As for the call out order, Kayla, Chelsea, Chris and Ann are called out first as the only ones with good photos. Tyra is being harsh today! Ann wins.  This is the second week in a row. Kayla gets second. Chelsea, Chris, Rihanna, Liz, Jane, Kacey, Kendal, and Esther.

Lexie and Sara are left. For some reason, Tyra Banks decides to keep Lexie over Sara. Sara says she feels guilty for having left her son just to lose this competition. Ouch.

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Photo credit: The CW

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