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Hell’s Kitchen: Season Eight Premiere

September 22, 2010 07:48 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight for the season eight premiere of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, and just when you thought season seven was crazy, you ain’t seen nothing! Season eight is already proving to be the worst batch of contestants ever! Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicks off season eight tonight with 16 new contestants who will battle it out for the executive chef position at L.A. Market at the JW Marriott Hotel Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE and the opportunity to be the official spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines. Before heading off to meet Gordon Ramsay, the chefs are first  blindfolded and a bit miffed as J.P. is no where to be found, but instead a new Maitre D’, James Lukanik greets them. James then takes them on to meet Chef Ramsay, who reveals the location of where the winner will be working.

Next Chef Ramsay sends them off to make their signature dishes, and divides the teams into blue and red already. Two by two they bring their dishes up, and only 2 minutes into the season eight premiere, one dish has Chef Ramsay sick. Line cook, Antonia has created a Mardi Gras gumbo that looks more like dog food and apparently must taste like it as Gordon Ramsay vomits it back up. Chef Ramsay had a field day with the contestants tonight as he had to ask one of the girls to cover her overflowing breasts up in fear they may pop out of her dress.

Chef Ramsay also became irritated very early on with one of the other ladies, Sabrina who started yawning during the tasting in which Gordon brought her a chair and sarcastically asked her if she wanted a drink, it was quite funny! It was not a good day for the ladies and to make matter worse they ended up losing this challenge because of the gumbo disaster, sending the men to celebrate with champagne while the ladies are left to clean up the mess. One of the men, 49 year old Raj, has too much to drink though and starts karate dancing for the rest of the guys.


Dinner service is a complete nightmare on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tonight as well. First, Antonia goes in the back because she is suffering from a migraine, and then she passes out. Paramedics end up taking her to the hospital and Gordon Ramsay informs everyone that she will not be back. Meanwhile, during service Lisa, a 48 year old food director could not get the fish station under control, while Sabrina, a 22 year old prep chef who made some great beef wellington, tries to show everyone up by bringing them up early with no one else’s dishes which just irritates Chef Ramsay. On the blue side, Trevor, a 30 year old line cook could not get it together and make a simple salad, while Boris, a 38 year old caterer was mocking Chef Ramsay and got caught, and sparks were flying as Gordon got in his face. In the end, it was the red team who ended up losing and Lisa, who couldn’t get act together on the fish station was the first eliminated contestant of season eight.

Round two of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, when Gordon Ramsay surprised the contestants with a guest. Smoke filled the room and out walked Iron Chef Morimoto, who was there to teach the chefs how to make perfect sushi. Each team then had to recreate the sushi made by Iron Chef Morimoto. The very first batch from the ladies, and from an Asian woman, Gail, was thrown in the trash by Gordon Ramsay. At the end of the sushi tasting, the men once again came out on top, earning them a wine tasting day with Chef Ramsay, in which again, Raj had one too many sips and started to act silly.

This time on dinner service each team had to send one person out of the kitchen to help James on the floor. Vinny, a 29 year old line cook decided that he had no faith in Raj and started telling guests to avoid the side dishes, which infuriated Gordon Ramsay, who then threw Vinny out….well back up to the dorms anyway. This time it was the red kitchen rocking out the orders and the blue kitchen could not get it together. 26 year old executive chef, Lewis, completely messed up all the sushi of the evening, which in turn sent the blue team straight down.

But that was just the beginning for them as one by one as the blue team infuriated Gordon Ramsay he started kicking them out of the kitchen until there was no one left! It was safe to say that the men lost the challenge tonight, and the women completed dinner service. At elimination, despite the fact that the men nominated Raj and Boris, Gordon Ramsay called up Vinny as well and asked why he should stay. After hearing the guys out, in a turn of events, Gordon Ramsay decided to eliminate Lewis instead for his horrible performance which led the blue team to disaster.

Be sure to tune in next week for an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen: Season Eight Premiere”

  1. sandhiller Says:
    September 23rd, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    I think Gordon is off his rocker eliminating Curtis. Raj should go. PERIOD. He is too childish. At least Curtis took responsibility for his error instead of passing the buck.

  2. Lisa Princ Says:
    September 25th, 2010 at 7:05 pm

    I totally agree with you! There is something very wrong with Raj, I don’t understand how anyone can take him seriously!


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