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Survivor: Nicaragua — Fractured Feelings

September 22, 2010 07:05 PM by Ryan Haidet


A Tribal Council worth watching.  That sums up my feelings on tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.  It definitely delivered a wacky finish within the frequently fractured episode.  Comments made at Tribal are sure to be controversial, which will spark chatter at the water cooler tomorrow morning.  But this episode was so scattered and jumpy that I wasn’t sure what story producers were trying to tell.

Back & Forth

The first segments literally showcased material from both camps without really showing us anything other than the fact that NaOnka is nasty and Holly is crazy.  To begin, Marty was struggling with the sleep situation as day four arrived at the Espada (old) camp.  “I haven’t slept really at all in the last three days,” he said.  To solve their concerns, the group held a morning meeting and decided it was a good idea to rebuild the shelter.  Duh.  Under the guidance of coach Jimmy Johnson, the tribe got to work despite Jimmy T. and his desires to go fishing. (?!?!?!)

Now over to La Flor’s camp.  Walking along the shore, Sash and NaOnka made a fast bond.  He told her his ethnic history and wanted to bring as many minorities to the end of the game as possible.  With their new alliance, both expressed their concerns that having Kelly B. on their tribe with an artificial leg might harm their team in challenges.

Cut back to Espada.  As Jill scarfed down snails, she offered some of the slimy food to Holly.  But Holly reacted in a weird, unexpected way.  She stormed away in frustration saying she didn’t want any of the slimy snacks.  Huh?  Jill was only being nice when Holly snapped and rushed away.  The rest of the tribe thought she was acting goofy, which Holly was noticing.  She started thinking Dan was making fun of her, so she released her anger by secretly stealing his expensive shoes.  She walked down the beach, filled his kicks with sand, tied them together and set them adrift in the water.  What a dumb decision.  Back at camp, Dan was searching for his shoes when he realized they were missing.  He told everybody his shoes are worth $1,600 and wanted them back.


Moments later, Holly gathered everybody together for a tribal meeting when she openly admitted she had stolen Dan’s shoes.  Obviously upset, Dan told her she was lucky she wasn’t a guy because he would have knocked her in the face.  From that moment on she promised to play with honesty, but Dan wasn’t willing to forgive her.

Missing Socks

Back at La Flor, NaOnka was angry that her socks had gone missing.  She thought somebody was messing with her and done something to them.  “I can play dirty, too.”  She found another pair of socks at camp and proudly put them on.  Jud, a.k.a. Fabio, realized she had taken his socks.  When he went over to ask her about the situation, she got upset that he questioned her and she started yelling at him.

Back at Espada (yep, already), Holly pulled coach Jimmy aside and told him she was having a rough time.  As the two sat together on the beach she broke down in tears and admitted she was ready to go home.  Jimmy tried to motivate her and asked her to stick around.

Mud Mess

At the Immunity Challenge, the La Flor tribe made another interesting entrance — this time marching in unison as they set foot on the mat.  The challenge consisted of both tribes racing through a mud pit before searching through stacks of hay for four colored balls.  After collecting all four balls, the rest of the tribe had to use wooden shields to bounce the balls into a barrel.  But this challenge also offered a Reward to the winning tribe — either a tarp with rope or fishing gear in the form of a snorkel, fins and spear.


Before the challenge began, the Espada tribe decided to use the Medallion of Power, which gave them the advantage of only needing to complete the task with three balls instead of four.  Although the young La Flor tribe pulled out an early lead despite Espada’s advantage, they couldn’t hold it together.  Espada edged out La Flor and took home their first victory of the season.  They erupted into cheers and walked away with fishing gear as their Reward.


When Holly returned to camp, she was in much better spirits after winning Immunity.  When they opened up the fishing gear, they all saw a clue for the hidden Immunity Idol tucked inside.  Instead of dividing and searching for the Idol in secret, the entire tribe worked together digging around camp.  Jill was the person who solved the clue and told Marty where he could find the Idol.  He rushed off and dug around tree mail where he easily found the tiny prize.  He was thrilled that he and Jill found it together.


The guys were sitting around the shelter discussing who to target first.  They quickly felt like NaOnka was the best person to vote out.


But not so fast.

Kelly B. and Alina were worried about Chase and his relationship with Brenda.  That’s why they wanted to take Brenda out.  They didn’t think having her around was good for their game.  Naturally, Chase was feeling mixed up in emotions since he formed an early bond with Brenda.  Chase’s other ally, Shannon, who was initially planning on voting against NaOnka, decided Brenda was the better target.

Meanwhile on the beach, both of the early targets — NaOnka and Brenda — were sitting in the water together when they concocted a scheme to oust Shannon.  They both believed he was calling too many shots and talking too much.


‘Are You Gay?’

After La Flor dipped their torches into the fire at Tribal Council, host Jeff Probst got started with a simple question that veered off in a different direction fast.  Probst asked Shannon how much more difficult the game has been than he anticipated.  After a few quick comments, Shannon turned his remarks against Chase.  “He better hope his girlfriend stays with him on this tribe tonight because if not he’ll be going home next.”  Probst was stunned as Chase chimed in trying to defend himself.  Shannon fired out that he was angry Chase was turning on him already.  As Shannon continued to talk, others broke into the discussion saying he was only making more enemies.  Then, out of nowhere, as Shannon was talking he turned to Sash and asked “Are you gay?”  Everybody, including Probst, stared in astonishment.  Sash argued that he’s had many beautiful women in his life, but Shannon wasn’t buying it.

As the divided discussion continued, the obvious fractures within La Flor kept surfacing.  NaOnka quickly revealed she doesn’t like Jud at all.  She unleashed her feelings by saying, “Fabio, I don’t like you.”  When Jud tried to defend himself, NaOnka shut him down.  Finally, it was time to vote.

After the ballots were cast, all but three votes fell against Shannon, and he became the second person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua.


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