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Top Chef: Just Desserts: Cocktail with a Twist

September 22, 2010 08:14 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week on Top Chef: Just Desserts, the competition heats up, and these big personalities mean big drama! The first argument of the season arises, and one of the chefs seems to fall apart. 

Eleven pastry chefs remain on Top Chef: Just Desserts. Seth and Morgan say they have formed a quick bond because they like the same chefs and they are both heterosexual males. Seth calls his mom, and it turns out she’s in rehab (for what? We don’t know).

At the quickfire, the contestants are greeted by host Gail Simmons, famous pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner, and a giant wall of candy! Their challenge will be to create a dish that will celebrate penny candy. The winner will get immunity.

The contestants attack the candy. They have to work with premade candy to make a new dish, which can be a challenge. Seth says he’s inspired by his mom, and her love for atomic fireballs. We also find out that Zac Young couldn’t eat candy as a kid because his mom was a vegan.


Seth doesn’t seem to have enough time to freeze his sorbet, which may kill his chances. When Gail calls time, he freaks out! He actually starts crying! There’s not crying in the kitchen!

Gail and Elizabeth go around and try all the desserts. Seth has a meltdown AGAIN in front of the judges. He again says it’s because of his mom. Morgan comes by and gives him some encouraging words. Elizabeth even comes by and encourages him. Wow! This is the most emotional quickfire ever!

Elizabeth says the least successful were Heather C.’s because it was not fun. She says Seth was the least successful, but she gives him some encouraging words. Heather H., Danielle and Zac are called out as the best three.

The contestants are sent to the Tar Pit, a bar/restaurant in Los Angeles. They find out they have to create a dish inspired by a great cocktail. They will go behind the bar to pick their ingredients. They pick coasters to decide the order for selecting the liquor.


There’s only a limited amount of supply behind the bar, so those who go first have a real advantage. Erika wants to do something with salt. Morgan wants to base his on the plantation. Seth, who seems to be still moody, is trying to find the grapefruit. He gets pissed when he can’t find it. The other contestants try to encourage him. After his time is up, Seth throws another tantrum, and brings up his mom…again. Ok, Seth, that’s enough of that.

Back in the kitchen, the contestants only have three hours to work. Eric, who is a baker, uses a “rise to the top” pun, which is always fun. Seth claims he’s going to stay out of trouble now that he’s started all this drama earlier. Tim is inspired by a drink called a plantation, which has basil. Malika is making a blood orange mojito cake.

Johnny Iuzzini stops by to chat with the contestants. Seth says a lot of words I don’t know, like “fizzy tab.” Erika is making a tequila mousse and a margarita bomb.


The other contestants are frustrated with working with Seth. They say he’s all over the place, like a tornado. At one point, he even loses his cake. Nigit is realizing that he may have taken on too much as time runs out.

Back at the house, Heather H. tells Seth that he probably needs to apologize for his crazy behavior. Seth tries to act humble, but it’s clear he’s burned a lot of bridges.

The next day, they only have an hour at the Tar Pit to prep and plate 30 desserts. It will be 3 chefs at a time. Eric is stressed when it comes to plating because this is the first time he’s ever done this.

Mark Peel, owner of the Tar Pitt, and Elizabeth Falkner are both sitting in on the meal. The judges love Erika’s margarita bomb, and they like the salt surprise. As for Danielle’s they say it doesn’t resemble a cocktail. Gail loves Eric’s upside down cake.

Back in the kitchen, Yigit is asking other to help because he is out of time. Seth even helps him. Morgan is also struggling. He needs to scoop 30 scoops of sorbet in three minutes. When the timer goes off, Yigit is upset on how his plate looks.

The judges aren’t happy that Yigit’s ice cream melted. They are disappointed with Heather C.’s dessert. Maybe it’s because she’s so boring?

Back to plating in the kitchen, Seth is going into his freak out mode, which pisses off the other contestants. Zac offers to help him. Seth finishes, so it looks like his freak out was for nothing. Seth runs around offering to help others, but no one wants his help. The judges say Seth’s needed more gin, but they like that it is blue.


Back in the kitchen, Zac’s chocolate squares fall to the ground! Seth is the only one close by, but he swears he didn’t do it. Instead of getting out of the way, Seth tries to help clean up. He’s so annoying! Zac missed one piece on one of his cakes, and of course it gets sent to Gail Simmons (Coincidence? Doubtful.). Luckily, the judges still like Zac’s dessert. For Tim’s, they say it’s too messy, like scrambled eggs.

Gail calls Erika, Eric and Yigit into the room. Seth gives his opinion to those left in the room, and when the other contestants lash out, he becomes really defensive. He says he made himself “vulnerable.”

At the judges table, the three chefs are told they have the three top desserts. Yigit is so happy to be in the winner’s group. The judges love his interpretation of a cocktail. They also liked the creaminess of the panna cotta. They announce that Erika is the winner!

Then, the worst of the bunch, Malika, Tim and Seth are called in. Seth says he doesn’t stand behind his dish. The judges even think he is too hard on himself. They say he is just trying to do too much. He says he can’t promise that he won’t have a breakdown again. Wow, he looks pathetic. They say Malika gave them too big of a piece of cake. The judges point out that this is the second time she’s messed up because of time.

The judges discuss the losers. They say Seth did too much. They say Malika does too much. The judges call them back in, and Gail tells Tim that he’s going home. He’s shocked to be going home this early.

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