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The Apprentice: Battle Of The Ice Cream

September 23, 2010 08:34 PM by Lisa Princ


After last week’s explosive season premiere of The Apprentice on NBC, Donald Trump is back tonight and ready to fire another contestant. In this battle of the ice cream, find out which contestant just can’t keep up. Keep reading for more details!

It was ice cream wars on The Apprentice tonight on NBC as Donald Trump sends the teams out onto the streets of New York City to sell ice cream. Our project managers this week are Poppy, although I am still unsure why Stephanie did not do it with her sales background, and David who does have a sales background. As they hit the streets, both teams find out just how difficult it is to be in sales.

The ladies of Fortitude seemed to have no luck at first with their sales, so in an attempt to organize and grab attention, some of the gals went out and picked up matching pink shirts for everyone. Still not seeing a major pickup, they decided to move locations near the subway to attract more people. The men of Octane, who also went out and got some attention grabbing outfits were annoyed that the ladies moved in to a spot that they were at previously. James kept giving the guys his idea of what would be a good location, and it seemed like nothing worked out for them.

Finally, the guys hit a good spot and starting selling as did the ladies, but the next morning the men swooped in and stole the women’s hot spot which infuriated the ladies, who then decided to give it back to them as they set up right night to them. Irritated, the men lured everyone to their cart until the women had enough and left. But the women were not done with the men yet. With only ten minutes to spare in their task, the ladies took the remaining ice cream inventory and started to give it away for free…..right in front of the men as they were trying to make last minute sales!


In the boardroom, before Donald Trump even announced the winner of the ice cream battle on The Apprentice, the women once again started to throw one another under the bus. When asked who the weakest player was, Poppy placed all the blame on Liza, claiming she didn’t sell anything, but Liza retaliated by making it known that Stephanie was in more control of the task than Poppy was, which was true, Stephanie did step in. But the ironic part of the entire thing was that the women actually won the challenge, out selling the men by $300.

Donald Trump then turned his attention to the men, who were sure that they had won and asked David who should be fired. David pointed out that James was not a strong salesman, nor did he give them any good hot spots, but at the same time Alex had the least amount of sales. So with David, James and Alex left there, they all stated their case but Alex did not seem like he could keep up or even had the passion to fight as both James and David did. Donald Trump apparently thought so as well as he fired Alex. In an update though, we saw that after appearing on the show, Alex actually landed his dream job in construction management, so way to go Alex!

Remember to tune in next week for another new episode of The Apprentice on NBC!

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