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Project Runway: Eye Shadow And Overshadowed

September 24, 2010 12:02 AM by Rebecca Ford


This week on Project Runway, they’re taking a trick from the new season of America’s Next Top Model and focusing on the high fashion! The designers are tasked to create a high fashion look for L’Oreal Paris, and there’s more than ever at stake.

The designers on Project Runway are told they they are making a high fashion look this week for L’Oreal Paris. To get inspired, the designers will pick an eye shadow to base their look off of. Collier Strong from L’Oreal drops by to help the contestants out. They are given $300 and two days to make their look. There’s  a big prize up for this week: The winner will receive a whopping $20,000 and an advertorial in Marie Claire!

And then, the drama begins! Of course, Gretchen finds something to complain about when Michael C. picks the same eye shadow and fabric as her. She thinks he’s crossed a line…drawn in eye shadow, I can only assume.

Ivy is going with blues for her outfit. Andy is doing metallics, and a look inspired by the future. Valerie is working with silk, which could be a risky move. She makes things worse by deciding that crystals would work for her look. She’s taking on way too much.


There’s a model fitting, but some of the designers don’t even have anything for the models to try on. In case you didn’t guess, a lot of the contestants are starting to worry about time. High fashion takes time!

The next day, Tim stops by, which as viewers we know must mean there’s a twist! Of course there is! Tim looks very upset, but it turns out he’s just there to tell them they’ll have to create another look. The contestants will be required to show a ready-to-wear (as in for us normal folk of the world) look. This look must complement their original look.

The contestants won’t be given any additional time to finish this second look. Ouch. This news sends the designers into a frantic panic, and Valerie, who seems to be the most messed up, actually breaks into tears.

After running around the workroom trying to get this new task under control, the contestants head home for the night. The guys all agree that Valerie might be going home tomorrow.

The next day, there’s no time for talk. The contestants are hauling butt to get these looks done. Oh, there is some time for talk because Gretchen and Michael C. spend plenty of time checking on each others looks because of their similar fabric and colors. We don’t get to see much of what the looks will be, so I’m ready for the runway!


The guest judge this week is Naeem Khan who is a designer who has dressed for Beyonce and Michelle Obama. After the designs walk down the runway, the judges tell Christopher and April that their designs were safe enough, so they slip under the radar once again and move on to the next week.

The top three looks are from Andy, Gretchen and Mondo. The lowest were Ivy, Valerie and Michael C.

Mondo (his high fashion look is in the image below) says he was going for contrast between his two looks. Michael Kors calls it a ”Kentucky Derby horse ribbon explosion” from the back. Gretchen says she wanted the velvet to enhance her look. The judges love Andy’s ready-to-wear look.


As for the bottom three, the criticism is harsh. Since last week, the judges have been on a rampage with whichever poor soul ends up on the bottom. Heidi Klum and the other judges don’t think Valerie’s look was creative enough. “The only possible accessory she could use is a wand,” says Michael Kors about Valerie’s look. They think Ivy’s dresses look like bridesmaid dresses for mermaids (see image below).


After the judges talk, they decide to give Mondo the win! If he doesn’t win the competition, I’ll be very surprised. They send Ivy home for her “Under the Sea” bridesmaid disaster.

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