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Survivor: Nicaragua — Shannon’s Crazy Elimination

September 24, 2010 10:07 AM by Ryan Haidet


Shannon Elkins, who became the second person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua, was sent packing after making some controversial remarks about the sexuality of another tribemate.  In a conference call with reporters, the La Flor member explains what brought him to call Sash out for being gay, his alliance with Chase and who he wants to see win the entire season.

Question: Do you think you should have kept a bit more quiet at Tribal Council instead of being so vocal?

Shannon Elkins: First of all I was dealing with Chase’s bullshit for six days about how he’s a country music singer and he has to show his honor and integrity and respect and loyalty and all that crap and sob stories. …  When it came down to it, I knew he wasn’t. …  I didn’t lie to anybody in the game, and Alina was the best one to stand up for me and say, “Hey, Shannon is the only one straight shooting right now.  Chase is the one being wishy washy.”


Question: Why not approach Brenda to try and turn the tables on Chase and target him at Tribal Council?

Shannon: Because the whole time Chase is out there agreeing with us saying she’s going home.  Behind our backs — the other five people in our alliance — behind our backs he’s going to her telling her everything that’s going on.  Nobody else knew that.  If they did, they didn’t bring it to my attention, or I would have tried to work something out there.  The vote and everything got changed on me when we were about to go into Tribal.


Question: Why did you question Sash and his sexuality at Tribal?

Shannon: Sash is coming at me, coming at me, coming at me.  I was like, “Fine I lied to you because you lied to me.”  He was like, “When did I lie to you?”  I said, “When you told me you weren’t gay.”  That’s how that came out.  I never questioned the guy about his sexual preference.  I don’t care.  Who am I to judge on what he does?  I am no one to judge, I promise you that.  It came off wrong.  I was trying to show them Chase is a liar.  This guy (Sash) who I stereotyped and thought he was a certain person, I thought if he’s lying to me about who he even is as a person, he’s going to lie to you going through the game.  That’s the point I was trying to get across.  I wasn’t bashing anybody, man.  I was just trying to get my point across — that I felt if the guy is lying to me, he’ll lie to y’all.

Question: What are your thoughts on gay people?

Shannon: First of all, I apologize for one thing, and that’s stereotyping.  I stereotyped Sash.  I stereotyped New York.  I stereotyped and I spoke my mind.  Those are the people who were stereotyping me.  No doubt.  They can’t sack up and say it.  They probably thought I was a hillbilly from Louisiana and they just couldn’t say it.  They wouldn’t say it to my face because it’s not their personality.  I don’t care what Sash does in his spare time.  I don’t care what anybody does.  Who am I to judge?  I’m not perfect by any means. …


I felt he was acting a certain way, so I called him what I thought he was (gay).  That’s my personal opinion, that’s nobody else’s opinion.  I said, “I think the guy is lying to me.  This is what I think he lied to me about.”  I wanted to show the guys that if he lies about who he is as a person that he’s gonna lie to y’all to further himself in the game.  That’s where I went with it.  I did not bash gays.  I’m not homophobic.  I’m not a sexist.  This is a battle for a million dollars, bro.  Everything is open.  Guns were out.  Everybody was firing away.  You didn’t see all of it.  It went here, went there.  You had to see the guy pressing me to the point.  He kept on and on and on trying to call me a liar.  I’m like, “I lied to you because you’ve been lying to me.”  That’s when it went that way.  I’m sorry that people feel that I’m bashing the gay community.  That’s not it at all.  I went after him to show I felt he was lying to me about a certain issue I thought he was lying about.  For them to put the question like I asked if he was gay, that’s stupid.  Like I need to ask him if he’s gay or not.  If you really watch the show, dude, you can tell the way they edited in the voice of it.  It didn’t even sound like it went.  I mean, I’m not taking back what I said; I said everything that was out there, but that’s not how Tribal went.  You only saw about 30 or 40 percent of it, thank God, because it went a lot crazier than that. …


What y’all don’t see is the guy (Sash) was attacking me, attacking me, attacking me, calling me a liar.  When nobody there could tell one lie I was telling.  I went at him and said, “The only liar here I feel is you, because you lied to me.  Here’s when I felt you lied to me.”  It just so happened it was Tribal.  The guy just should have sat there and kept his mouth shut and it would have never came out.  The guy kept on and on and on, so I just wanted to show that I thought — my opinion of him — I thought he was lying and I wanted to show them, “Look — you can either go with the guy who thinks he’s playing the Bachelor (Chase) right now handing out roses.  Or you can go with the guy who I feel who is even lying about who he is as a person.  Do I think it’s fair?  I think it’s unfair that I stereotyped.  I stereotyped him.  I stereotyped New York.  I mean, come on.  You mean to tell me people from New York don’t stereotype people from Louisiana?  You might think I drive an air boat to work and I work in the swamp.  I don’t.  I actually have a car.  We’re all victims of stereotyping people.  I ran off and I said it out loud.


Question: Why is the La Flor tribe so splintered?

Shannon: I knew Brenda and Chase were in love with each other.  Or he was in love with her.  She was playing him like a fiddle.  In Survivor you have got to break up those relationships.  I wanted to be with the alpha male because I watched the season before and I’ve watched a few other seasons.  Russell and Rob spent all their time beating each other up instead of playing the game and beating everybody else.  That’s what I wanted to do with Chase.  I think we had a little downfall because we had some drama going between NaOnka and Fabio.  He couldn’t get his socks back from the girls.  NaOnka would have probably beat him up anyway, so that was some little drama.

Question: You said that you really wanted to make sure the girls didn’t gang up and win.  Did you feel threatened by the group of women?

Shannon: The only woman I felt threatened by, and I think the other women on our tribe did, was Brenda.  Brenda’s not as outspoken as I am, but as far as game knowledge, I think she was on my level.  I would have loved to team up with Brenda, but what happened was I went with Alina and Kelly B. on our side.  We decided that was who we were going to pick to go with us.  They felt the same way.  They were like, “Brenda’s doing this, she’s doing that.  She’s trying to pull Chase over.  She’s playing the game.  We gotta get her out.”


If we don’t give these two girls — Alina and Kelly B. — the vote they wanted, they could turn it around on us the next time we go to Tribal.  Then damn!  I already had a target on my back, and then Chase would have one, too, because he’s a bigger guy.  Then they might turn and get us out.  I wasn’t looking for that next vote, I was looking for the future in the game.  I knew if I won that vote against Brenda that I would have went a long way.  But they (Chase and Brenda) had already fell in love after day one, so I wasn’t going to go in there and take his girlfriend.

Let me clear up something on the sexist side about not wanting a girl to win.  I was just joking.  I’m married.  I’ve been married since I was 19.  I knew that women can dominate weak men.  Chase was just weak.  He would just hand over his whole Survivor deal to Brenda.  It was like, “Here play for me.”  That’s what women are good at getting from some of those guys.


Question: You had never been out in the wild before?

Shannon: No.  I’m not a big hunter/fisherman.  I like to try to stay clean, and get me a shower or two a day.  And I like to brush my teeth, my brother.

Question: What was it like for you out there then?

Shannon: I was really nervous at first about what I was going to do with my hair.  Then after I realized you’re so dirty and stinky and I was dealing with nine other children like taming cats out there, I didn’t even have time to think about my hair.  What was next for me was, dude, how am I gonna wipe my ass if I need to take a shit?  That was my biggest my problem.  Then after I realized I wasn’t going to take a dump, I had made up my mind, it was cool.  I felt like the second or third day, you’re all stinky and dirty, you just roll with it.  It wasn’t that bad.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Question: Who do you want to see win the game?

Shannon: I always want to lose to the best.  I think Brenda orchestrated this, so let’s let Brenda win.  I don’t want to lose to somebody who loses.


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