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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Season Premiere, Boys Hope Girls Hope!

September 26, 2010 06:01 PM by Candace Young


A group of young men for Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore get on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus for the season premiere of the reality series on ABC tonight.  The organization provides help and support to children who show academic promise, but who don’t have the support at home to achieve their potential, or who live in a high risk neighborhood.  They have an empty lot on which to erect a building for Girls Hope, but have been unable to raise the money to build…that’s where Ty Pennington comes in. Read on for all of the highlights…

Ty Pennington and the boys head down to the waterfront to surprise the girls, who think they’re being interviewed for television.  Ty and his design team, including Jillian Harris, drive up with an army of volunteers and a full police escort and the Girls Hope girls cry at the sound of Ty hollering in the bullhorn!


The design team spends some time getting to know the girls who will live and learn at the house they build. Ty visits the Boys Hope house in Baltimore with Kristy, the organization’s director, to get ideas for the new building.  He is stunned to hear that 100% of the boys that go through Boys Hope go on to attend college!

At the empty lot, the boys congratulate the girls, telling them they will be entering a family. They present the girls with Girls Hope shirts. Ty tells the girls they’re going on vacation to Hollywood.  Before they go, Raven Symone stops by to meet them – she’ll help with the build.

The foundation is quickly dug, and the modular building pieces begin to roll in to be fitted together.  Xzibit and Raven Symone get right in there and get busy helping out.   Ty comes in to delegate responsibilities to each member of the design team.  Ty puts the Boys Hope boys to work building a 24-foot table!

Jillian meets the girls’ moms on a boat at the waterfront in Baltimore and takes them out for a spa day.  During their day out, they each write a letter to their daughters – these will go in the girls’ rooms.


Back at the build site, Ty tells the team he wants to incorporate the Boys Hope Girls Hope logo – a door – into the design. He says there are seven girls, so they need seven doors.  The team brainstorms. Jillian, who is charge of the project, decides they’ll put the seven doors into a chandelier.  Michael and Xzibit go in search of interesting old doors.

Ty contacts the girls on vacation and tells them he has a surprise for them at their hotel – it’s a wardrobe specialist who has brought shoes, clothes, and make up galore! Xzibit goes to meet the girls and takes them to see Katy Perry! She tells them she came from nothing and can relate to them. Katy gives one of the girls her shoes when she admires them!  Xzibit grills Katy, afterward, for ideas for the girls rooms he’s responsible for designing.  He hears cupcakes, ice cream, pink curtains…

Ty is still on the build site, commenting on how it’s one of the biggest builds they’ve ever taken on, and musing about being responsible for designing the main floor and great hall.  Meanwhile, the door chandelier is coming together.  Things take a turn for the dramatic when a terrible storm comes toward the build and everything has to be quickly covered in tarps to protect the drywall since they don’t have the roof on yet.   The rain comes before they can get it all covered and they struggle to tarp it over. Jillian is worried about Ty getting hit by lightening on the roof.   The project manager declares it the worst disaster he’s seen in the 100 builds he’s done with Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


Disaster relief specialists are brought in to help dry the building out as quickly as possible so they can continue working.  It’s Day Five.

The roof is put on, and all of the wet drywall and insulation is identified and pulled out.  The disaster relief team plastics over the windows and openings of the house, which virtually turns it into an 11,000 square foot sauna. One opening will release the moisture.

Ty decides they need some backup and calls in the kids from the cast from Modern Family to help with the build and to lift spirits!

Michael hangs out with Shaquille O’Neal, who will be a part of the build, and who has also returned to his studies as he promised his mother.  Shaq agrees to have a bust of his head made for the Girls Hope house.


The building is finally dry, but Ty decides they’ll need an extra day to finish. Xzibit unloads a box full of lollipops as the Boys Hope guys exchange strange looks. He tells them they’re part of Katy Perry’s ideas for the rooms!

Ty contacts the girls down in Hollywood and tells them they are getting an extra day of vacation!  They go on a sailboat ride with some sisters from a Girls Hope home in another city.  Later, they learn that all seven of them, as well as the boys from Boys Hope in Baltimore, will receive full scholarships to college!

When Day Eight arrives, everyone is exhausted and still working hard. It’s truly crunch time as Ty explains that they have never found themselves in the position of being mere hours from the reveal with painting and other jobs still going on.

Finally, the girls are brought back to see what is on the previously empty lot.  They scream,  “Move that bus!”  It’s such an emotional moment as the girls cry and pile onto the front veranda of the house, and Kristy the director sobs.  The girls go inside and see the huge table, the Girls Hope signs, and the door chandelier.


There is screeching and exclamations at very high pitches as the girls get the first glimpses of their personalized rooms.  Each room was tailored to fit each of the girls’ interests and/or to reflect their dreams for the future.  The two girls with the fuchsia pink/candy room by Katy Perry and Xzibit are overwhelmed! So funny!

Kristy Norbert is thrilled with the photos and space – she calls it the ultimate gift.  The girls read the letters their mothers wrote to them and it’s so moving.   Ty then takes them to see the library where the bust of Shaq, who is working toward his PhD, is located.  The girls scream when they discover Michael’s secret hidden spiral staircase behind one of the bookcases – it leads downstairs!

There, they find a computer room, white couches, hot pink and purple walls…even a video chat phone booth!  They also have an interactive mirror that one can write on.

The Boys Hope boys come in to see the finished house and are amazed! They are proud to have helped build it.  Ty sends them all outside where two 2011 Ford Edges are waiting…one for the Girls Hope and one for the Boys Hope.  Ty shouts, “Welcome home, Girls Hope girls, welcome home!”

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