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Flipping Out: Jeff And Sarah Bump Heads

September 28, 2010 08:50 PM by Sarah_Monson


Jeff Lewis flies off the handle on an all new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo. Not really news, but always fun to watch, no? Never happy with anything, the show starts with a typical Jeff hissy fit directed at Kash, his Casa Vega contractor, and it only gets better from there. Keep reading to find out why!

On this episode, Jeff’s ire is aimed mostly at Sarah, his design assistant/quasi relative through marriage. At a dinner party with Jeff’s brother and sister-in-law, Jeff gets a little too curious about Sarah’s personal life — wondering why her boyfriend of ten years hasn’t popped the question. And by a little too curious, I mean obnoxiously obsessed.

He goes on to dote on Sarah and gushes about how much he adores her and loves working with her. Hope she enjoyed that while it lasted, because later in the episode Jeff goes bananas.

Over at Royal Woods, Jeff has had it with the clutter his clients Tracy and Stuart live in, and takes it upon himself to clean up. He and Jeni start throwing away the possibly treasured possessions of his clients with absolute disregard to how they might feel about it. Yes, this will come back to bite him in the butt.


Back at Glen Oaks, it’s Martini-o-clock! Jeff unwinds with a stiff drink and continues to beat up Sarah about the boyfriend who won’t propose. Taking it one step further, he decides to stage an intervention/therapy session with his employees about what Sarah should do. They all said a unanimous DUMP HIM. You can assume this pissed Sarah off.

Meanwhile, Sarah starts to show some cracks of her own. She’s been forgetting things on the job and failing to order supplies needed for various projects. But, in a rare Flipping Out moment, Jeff actually maintains his composure over a Sarah snafu.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t last.

The next day, Jeff confronts Sarah about a wallpaper ordering screw up and decides that now is a good time to lose his mind. Jeff freaks out on Sarah about how she never writes anything down. His tirade, naturally, she does not write down.


Things almost simmer down, then Jeff revs it back up to eleven and really goes off, calling Sarah ditzy and telling her she has a little brain. Jeni, whose highly accustomed to Jeff’s rants, just sits there, willing it to be over. Sarah stays composed for about ten seconds, and then does something that she should have done a long time ago. She walks out.

After a few minutes, Jeff and his stone cold heart openly wonder just how long you should let one cry before you ask her get back to work. Zoila comes in and tells Jeff that he acted highly unprofessional toward Sarah. He agrees, and goes to Sarah like a defeated man and and … apologizes. This is truly a first. Jeff knows he messed up and is nervous that Sarah might quit – which would seriously reduce the amount of family dinners he gets invited to in the future.

Meanwhile, client Tracy tells Jeff that a doormat he tossed in the trash massacre actually belonged to her husband’s DEAD PARENTS! OMFG! He covers his ass by saying that he intended to buy her new ones as a housewarming gift. She actually bought it.

To round off the Sarah-heavy bashing episode, she comes to work and Jeff, though it takes him a second, realizes she’s officially engaged!!


Jeff, happy but probably secretly sad that he can no longer pester her about the spinster she was to undoubtedly become, must now eat his words. Sarah then tells Jeff that she wants to have kids immediately, to which Jeff says “Hmm, guess I’ll need a new assistant.”

I doubt Jeff will be asked to be a God parent.

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