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America’s Next Top Model: Under The Sea

September 29, 2010 08:59 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week on America’s Next Top Model, there are plenty of ups and downs when the contestants have a photo shoot on a roller coaster. Then, they play underwater goddesses in a beauty photo shoot.

On America’s Next Top Model, Kacey is not getting along with the group. She doesn’t bond with them much. But she does tell the models that they should have a BBQ and invite the male models from last week’s shoot. Kacey has a boyfriend, but she happens to have the male model’s number!

The male models arrive, and Liz says it was really awkward when they get there. Kacey is flirting hard with one of the guys. The male models leave early because it’s so awkward. Then, the Tyra Mail says their world will be turned “upside down.”

The next day the models head to Knott’s Berry Farm. Nigel Barker and Miss J are there. They tell the women that they’ll be taking photos while on the Silver Bullet roller coaster. The mounted camera will take a photo of them. The winner gets to be in a photo shoot shot by Tyra Banks herself, which will go on her website.

Liz is first, and she wants to seem relatable according to Nigel. Kasey has to look edgy, but comes off crazy. Anne wants to look intense. Chris freaks out before her turn. She’s very afraid and literally shaking.

She gets up the guts and goes on the roller coaster, but screams bloody murder the entire time. Forget a picture! She comes back crying. Very dramatic, this one.

The models go over the photos. Liz looks the best by far. She wins a photo shoot with Tyra banks. She gets to pick two friends. She choose Chris and Kayla.


Liz meets up with Tyra Banks, and finds out that she’s going to reenact the cover that Tyra did before for her online magazine. Liz is given a wig to make her more Tyra-like. Kayla and Chris also get a chance at the shoot. After the shoot, they have tea and talk. Tyra is very down to earth. She talks with her mouth full and eats with her hands. She also gives them some great advice.

When they get back to the house, Lexie decides to call out Kacey. She says that she’s never liked her, and the rest of the girls also gang up on her. Kacey gets very defensive, which is understandable. On a different note, she looks totally gorgeous even when she’s mad.

For the photo shoot, the ladies meet Jay Manuel and find out they are shooting a beauty shot, with millions of dollars of jewelry! Jay says he’s got a special guest for them to shoot with, and it’s octopus! Ew! They find out the photographer, Matthew Rolston, is shooting them through a glass window of water.

The photographer evaluates them all, and then they get makeup and hair done. Kendal is up first. She’s covered in diamonds, and then a sea creature. She looks a little angry in the photos. Kayla’s fire-red hair looks great. She looks very regal. Chelsey looks very hard in her photos. Esther has a movie-star quality. Chris is trying to be funny, but can also pull off a photo. Jay is surprised by her focus.


Lexie feels pressure to pull off a good photo. She struggled because she felt sick from the water. Kacey rocks the shoot and impressed the photographer. Ann also rocks the shoot. Rhianna and Ann look so alike. One of them needs to go. Jay says Rhianna’s problem is that she as one look.

Liz complains that her eyes are watering so she can’t keep her eyes open. Jay says she needs to stop complaining.

At judging table, the models are met by Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley and Matthew Rolston. Kacey has a great photo (image below), with “inner light.” They also like Kayla’s firey photo. They are also in love with Esther’s old Hollywood photo. They continue their love-fest with Anne.

They say Jane should have stretched her neck out more. They like Lexie’s warm smile. Nigel wants her to stop posing in profile. The judges think that Rhianna looks a little uncomfortable. They love Kendal’s shot. They call her the “ultimate mermaid.”

They are not happy with Chelsey’s shot because she looks bored. They are also unhappy with Liz. She complains in front of the judges, and Tyra sets her straight.


The judges deliberate. Matthew Rolston says Ann is very memorable, and she may be able to break the rules with her height. He also says that Rhianna is a struggle. He says that Chris was his favorite of the day.

The ladies return, and Tyra begins her call out. She calls Ann AGAIN! Surprising because this week it seems that some of the other photos were better. It’s time for someone else to win! The order then goes: Kasey, Esther, Chris, Kendal, Lexie, Kayla, Jane, and Chelsey. That leaves Rhianna and Liz.

Tyra Banks says that Rhianna might be nothing more than a “flower child.” She says Liz makes too many excuses. Tyra calls out Liz, so Rhianna is sent home. Rhianna is very upset, but Tyra tells her that they need someone who can be versatile. Now that Ann’s twin is leaving, it looks like there’s nothing stopping Ann from winning forever and ever!

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Photo credit: The CW

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