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Hell’s Kitchen: Drama And Possibly The Worst Chefs Ever

September 29, 2010 08:25 PM by Lisa Princ


If last week’s season premiere did not have enough drama, Gordon Ramsay definitely had his hands full on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tonight as it was nothing but more drama and fighting out of the contestants. Of course the one thing he needed most which was consistent cooking was no where to be found tonight, leaving us wondering if this is possibly the worst group of chefs ever on the show? Keep reading for all the details!

Tonight on FOX was an explosive two hours of Hell’s Kitchen starting with comedy, Gordon Ramsay style! He had some emergency medical technicians rush in and wake up the sleeping contestants very early in the morning for health checks. When the contestants finished up and arrived downstairs, Gordon informed them that since they all checked out fine, they should be able to cook efficiently in the kitchen. Then he advised them that they would be making breakfast for 50 hungry emergency medical technicians…easy enough, right? Not for this bunch! Raj could not get his head out of the clouds and make seasoned eggs when he snapped back at Chef Ramsay that his eggs were seasoned, Gordon lost it and went off on him. The girls managed to work as a team and get all their meals out, earning them a win and a relaxing day learning to trapeze while the men were stuck cleaning and prepping. I have to say I am seriously missing Jean Philippe overseeing the manual labor here.

During the prep, Raj was starting to annoy the guys and he and Trevor got in each other faces screaming, until finally Boris stepped in and brought Raj out back to cool off. Something is off about this guy though, he zoned out into his own little world for a few minutes there to cool off. Dinner service was a disaster in Hell’s Kitchen for both teams, but the girls really started unravel and form cliques. Sabrina was starting to get on everyone’s nerves with her attitude and most of the ladies had problems with something in the kitchen tonight. The biggest problem, despite the lack of teamwork, however was Emily, who could not stop over salting dishes and James was bringing plate after plate back.


When they finally finished up, Gordon informed the women that they lost and needed to chose two people up for elimination and went on to say this season has been the worst start ever. When they came back down, they decided to nominate Emily and Sabrina. When asked why she she should stay in Hell’s Kitchen, Sabrina went crazy and started to point fingers. In a pleasant turn of events for the men Gordon Ramsay decided not to send either lady home, but instead he chose to send Raj home. Raj, on his way out made it know that he felt like no one there liked him, including Gordon Ramsay.

In the next hour it was pasta time in Hell’s Kitchen as Gordon Ramsay showed the contestants how to make perfect ravioli. He then asked them all to create their own, and rank their teams dishes from best to worst, with the best of each team going to head to head with the other team. Trevor was upset that no one even tasted his despite his yelling to get their attention, he was starting to feel more like a helper. The girls were annoyed that Sabrina was asking “how to” every time she had to do something to her ravioli, despite the lesson from Chef Ramsay.

The men won the ravioli challenge, although Louis’ ravioli were spit out by Gordon as he said it was possibly “the worst he ever had tasted”. Vinny did not win a point for his team as his had broken open, but he had Chef Ramsay’s favorite and would be creating those for dinner service. So the men enjoyed a day of golf and helicopter rides while the ladies had to prep and milk cows to make homemade mozzarella for Italian night at Hell’s Kitchen. Gordon Ramsay then asked the chefs who smoked to quit for 48 hours as it would help their palates, which I think stemmed from the over seasoning the night before.


Once again drama, jealousy and bickered reared their ugly heads as Sabrina was no where to be found at first for prepping. She claimed that she shouldn’t have to prep and placed all the losing blame on others as usual despite the fact that her ravioli burst and she had to ask every step of the way how to make them. Sabrina was also the only one complaining and barely doing any work while the other ladies milked the cows for the cheese they needed to make. It was not drama free for the men either as Trevor went off about not feeling like part of the team but the rest of the guys kind of brushed him off so they could enjoy their reward. Trevor was pissed though and he went outside to smoke despite Gordon’s challenge and then he tried to hit on Gail, telling her that he wished he was on the girls team and asking her if she wanted to make out. Gail started laughing hysterically and told him no!

Dinner service was yet another drama filled nightmare for these chefs. Again this why most feel they could possibly be the worst chefs ever on the show. First, the ladies did not make Vinny’s ravioli correctly and then the men could not get it together. Louis kept sending up plate after plate of raw meat and Boris was caught cleaning dishes when the team really needed his help. Gordon Ramsay kicked both of them out the kitchen and asked Vinny to take charge of the meat. On the women’s team Sabrina was up to no good again as she told Gail a certain time on her meat and then ran up with it sooner leaving Gail with her pasta uncooked.

The women did finish first though and when sent to help the men, just created more chaos leading Gordon Ramsay to boot them all out of the kitchen. At elimination, he told them both teams were up and they each came back with two contestants. The men nominated Boris and Louis, while the ladies nominated Melissa and Sabrina, despite the fact that Melissa had a good service and pulled Sabrina out of multiple holes all night. Once again, Sabrina started drama as she placed the blame on someone else but luckily for her Chef Ramsay decided to let Louis go home because of issues on the meat station tonight. Once again this left us thinking that is the worst group of chefs ever on the show! Of course Sabrina vowed to get revenge on the ladies who were out to get her, so we’ll have to see what happens next week.

Be sure to tune in next week for an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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