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Survivor: Nicaragua — Jimmy Johnson Goes Ape

September 29, 2010 06:58 PM by Ryan Haidet


One castaway is talking to the animals, one is way too cocky while another is ready to battle with the rest of her tribe.  That’s the basis of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Nicaragua on CBS.  Nothing too exciting happened, and the combined Immunity/Reward Challenge was far from thrilling.  In fact, it was ridiculously boring.  Don’t let the image above fool you.  The challenge was lame.  The most entertaining moment came within the first few minutes when coach Jimmy Johnson started chatting with the monkeys.

As the Espada tribe was hunting for food, they came across a gang of howler monkeys in the trees above.  Coach Jimmy was certainly excited to see the animals as he tried to unleash his inner ape and howled at them from below.  The monkeys made noises back, which brought laughs from everybody who was watching the coach.  While Yve was thrilled to have him on their team, Marty was far from pleased.  “He’s a threat,” Marty said in confessional before arguing that taking coach Jimmy Johnson beyond the merge is a bad idea.

Honesty Or Strategy?

In an effort to gain everybody’s trust, Marty announced to the entire tribe that he found the hidden Immunity Idol.  Believe it or not, his strategy worked.  Jimmy T. was ecstatic Marty was open about the Idol and his willingness to share it once they merge with La Flor.  “Thank you Marty.  I mean that,” Jimmy T. said.


The next morning, Espada was working to dry their wet clothes.  “I slept maybe two hours,” Dan said.  As he rolled out of the shelter, Dan was concerned his tribe would think he’s a worthless member since he hasn’t been able to do a whole lot around camp.  Plus, he’s got a bad knee that everybody is well aware of.

Tossing Sandbags

Once again we were treated to a combined Immunity/Reward Challenge, which proved to be a big sleeper.  It involved the tribes collecting 10 barrels, rolling them across a line and placing them on puzzle platforms.  The first team to then toss 10 sandbags on top of each barrel would win Immunity and Reward in the form of a Survivor garden featuring herbs, spices, sauces and fruit.


But before the challenge began, host Jeff Probst asked the young tribe if they were going to be using the Medallion of Power, which would offer up a distinct advantage of having two of the 10 barrels out of the field, and on the platform with the sandbags already on top.  Arrogantly, the La Flor tribe didn’t use it because they believed they were strong enough to win without it.


After an even battle as the tribes gathered their barrels and placed them on the platform, Tyrone pulled way ahead for Espada as he tossed the sandbags.  But that lead didn’t last long.  Tyrone started struggling just as Benry had a hot streak and pulled way ahead for the youngsters nine to six.  Jimmy T. was angry standing on the Espada sideline as Tyrone consistently missed the final shots.  He expressed his dismay to the rest of the tribe before finally getting his chance to toss a few sandbags.

But it was too late.

Benry landed the 10th sandbag and won Immunity for La Flor.  Without question, this challenge was designed more for an individual contest.  Not fun.  Not exciting.  Not entertaining.  Sorry.


Clue Fight

As the La Flor tribe was gathering up their reward before leaving the challenge, Kelly B. saw another clue to the hidden Idol inside the fruit basket.  Although she hoped nobody else saw the paper, NaOnka had her eyes all over it.  They both carried the basket together, but the instant they got back to camp and set the basket down, NaOnka and Kelly B. got into a small fight over the clue.  After the short scuffle, NaOnka got away victorious with the clue in her hands, but squished all of the bananas in the process.

Weakest Of The Weak

Back at Espada, Jimmy T. opened up to the group saying he shouldn’t have been left on the sidelines during the challenge.  He felt his skills were completely ignored as Tyrone tried to hog the competition for himself.  Naturally, Tyrone disagreed saying he was playing for the team and did his best.

Before Tribal Council, Marty started a plan to get vote coach Jimmy out next.  Marty told Jillian that it was time to target the former NFL coach, which she agreed to even though she said Dan is the weakest person.  Jimmy T. agreed to vote against the coach, but when Marty asked Tyrone if he could count on him, too,  Tyrone said he was willing to work together, but he wasn’t too keen on voting against coach Jimmy.  Tyrone was leaning more toward voting against Dan.


At Tribal Council, a lot of chatter swirled around coach Jimmy.  Jillian said they certainly look to him for leadership based on his success in life as a championship coach.  Moving over to Dan, he openly admitted that he’s just an average player, but certainly not at the bottom.  This sparked a discussion about weak players on the tribe.  Jimmy T., who obviously think he’s some sort of superstar (WRONG!), said there are three or four weak players on Espada.  Probst then asked each person if they felt they are weak, but nobody would admit being a weak player except for coach Jimmy.  Even Dan said he’s a somewhat strong player.  Yeah right.


Finally, it came time to vote and after the ballots were cast, Probst revealed that coach Jimmy Johnson was eliminated from the competition.  I’ll be honest.  I’m a bit disappointed.  Coach Jimmy was a breath of fresh air on the dry Espada tribe.  Dan and Jimmy T. would have been better to target.  As coach Jimmy’s torch was snuffed, he held his head high and turned to the tribe saying he wants one of them to walk away the winner.


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  1. Christine McDow Says:
    September 30th, 2010 at 6:13 am

    I actually found myself liking Jimmy Johnson and am sorry to see him go so soon! Can’t wait for NaOnka to get out. She is the most annoying player ever!


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