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Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Bake-Off

September 29, 2010 08:18 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week, on Top Chef: Just Desserts it’s a gleeful episode when the chefs have a bake-sale-off to raise money for the local high school’s glee club and cheerleaders. It’s not a piece of cake for most of the contestants as tempers flare in the kitchen.

After last week’s blowup, Seth is feeling seriously isolated. Eric, a baker, is realizing that he might have a chance at this.

At the kitchen, Sylvia Weinstock, who makes beautiful wedding cakes, joins Gail Simmons, so the contestants know it’s going to be a cake challenge. For the quickfire, the contestants have to make a wedding cake! They will only have an hour and a half to make something that usually takes days.

Zac Young says it best: “Have you been snorting butter cream?!”

Gail Simmons says they need to push their creativity. The winner gets immunity.

Seth, who says he knows he can’t make a wedding cake, is going to make a mini-cake and calls it an engagement cake. The contestants seem to enjoy talking to the kitchen equipment. The contestants are all struggling with the time. Of course, Malika isn’t even close to finishing. She can’t seem to ever manage her time.

Morgan calls Malika “shaky” because she’s shaking the table that his cake is on. They get in a little spat because Malika is already pissed.

Time is up, and there are a lot of hideous wedding cakes. Malika, aka the slow boat, starts to cry because her cake is such crap. As she’s waiting for her turn, her cake starts falling onto the table. She actually says she feels like she doesn’t love cooking when she’s here.


Danielle’s cake is green, because she says that’s her favorite color. Seth’s little cake is not a wedding cake. The other contestants are baffled that he didn’t even try the wedding challenge. The judges aren’t pleased either. When the judges get to Malika, she’s still crying.

Her three least favorite were Seth (obviously), Malika (of course) and Eric (the icing looked a little too grocery store-y). Her top three were Erika, Morgan and Heather H. She says the winner is Erika! After winning last week, she is becoming a real threat! She gets immunity.

Gail then announces that the elimination challenge will be in teams. They pick cookies that say “pep” or “glee” for teams. Seth is on a team with all the people who like him the least.

Gail invites some special guests, and it’s the glee club! Then, it’s the cheerleaders! The glee club looks pretty awkward next to them. Both groups need money, so the contestants will be throwing a bake sale to make money for the squads.

They have three hours to bake, and 30 minutes to prep on site. Each person on the team is responsible for one item at the bake sale. The team that raises the most money wins, and that team will also get $5,000.

The contestants chat about their dishes, and then get to work. Eric, who is down from his loss in the quickfire, needs to win this bake sale. And then he finds out that Heather took all the peanut butter! He’s pissed! Morgan, who is on his team, takes all the butter to prove his point!


Heather then realizes that things are too big of a deal with the peanut butter, so she gives him his leftovers. It’s not enough for him to make his bars, so he decides to mix in Nutella.

Seth starts getting upset that he won’t have enough time, and his mood starts to spread to the rest of his group. Johnny Iuzzini stops by. He is surprised that Zac Young is making strawberry shortcake. Heather is worried that her peanut butter cookies are too simple.

At the house, Malika is reflecting on her rough day. She tells Heather that she’s thinking of leaving. She says she is unhappy cooking in this environment. Sounds like she’s scared and making excuses. Morgan and Seth chat back at the house. Morgan seems to be the only one who still likes him.

The next day, they go to the location for the main event.

The kids arrive. They get to try all the desserts and then give a ticket to the team they think had the best desserts. The glee and cheerleaders arrive. It’s amazing how much cooler glee seems now that the Fox show is such a hit.

Seth won’t interact with the kids, which makes him seem like he’s not a team player. The judges arrive. Dannielle Kyrillos and Silvia are there, but where’s Hubert Keller? There seems to be a lack of consistency with the judges. Is it a rotation?

After everyone eats, they count the votes. Gail announces the results. Only $10 separates the two teams. The pep squad wins! Then Gail announces a special surprise—they are changing the donations from $230 to $2,300 so both groups can go on their trips. They are also donating $5,000 to St. Monica’s High School.

As the contestants wait, Seth gets stressed out because he’s on the losing team. The winning team is called in first. The judges do need to pick a winner. It’s between Eric’s rice krispie treats, Malika’s brownie, and Erika’s chocolate chip cookie. The winner is Eric.


The losing team goes in next. Danielle throws Seth under the bus, saying he didn’t help the team. Zac defends Seth for helping everyone. Seth is pissed that she threw him under the bus. Heather C. says she was forced to do the cookie, making the rest of her team look really bad. Basically, they fall apart.

The judges finally get to talk after the arguments die down. They tell Seth that he needs to stop educating people and just make good food. They thought Danielle’s cake was too dry. They say Zac’s cake was delicious, but it was too hard to eat.

The judges send them away to talk, and the contestants go at each other in the waiting room. Heather is sent home for her lame cookie.

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