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Project Runway: The Fabric Of The Past

September 30, 2010 10:26 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week, the contestants of Project Runway will create their very own textile based on a memory from their past. And tears will flow when the designers get special visitors.

Will this be the week on Project Runway when the drama from the mysterious previews finally comes to light? Nope. But it’s still got plenty of emotional drama with Mondo revealing a secret he’s been holding in for 10 years.

At the house, Valerie says she is really sad that Ivy went home last week. Mondo is surprised that he won two weeks in a row. Mondo feels that Andy is probably his biggest competition.

In the workroom, the contestant find their computers covered with old photos of them. Tim says they are bringing back a challenge from last season in which they get to create their own textile which will be used in their design.

Tim says they need to design their textile based on a really powerful personal experience from their past. The contestants all share their photos with eachother.

Mondo says he came out to his mom, but she told him to not tell anyone else. It’s been a struggle for Mondo since then. His textile is based on a plus sign, which represents his HIV positive status. This has been a secret for him for 20 years. He’s even kept it from his parents. Mondo is making himself more vulnerable than anyone ever has on this show.

After the contestants head off to Mood for extra fabrics, they return to the workroom and get moving. Tim says he’s sending in special guests.

The contestants start screaming—it’s family! Valerie is crying hard because it’s her mom. Mondo and Andy are also overwhelmed. Gretchen is scared because she says her mom has a really hard life and her step-dad is in a wheelchair. She panics because she thinks her mom won’t be there, but then her mom walks through the door. April’s mom also arrives, and April also starts crying.


Michael C.’s son arrives! His mom also arrives. Christopher’s partner JJ comes. They’ve been together for almost 10 years.

Tim Gunn says he’s suspending the work day, and the designers can spend the rest of the day with their family. They head off to various great activities. Michael C. talks to his mom about how isolated he feels. There are lots of pep talks by the moms. It’s so adorable.

Mondo and his mom go to the park, and she seems very supportive of him. She’s very happy with him for winning the $20,000. Mondo decides not to tell his mom about his HIV status because it was her first time in New York and it was a special moment.

The next day is Valerie’s 29th birthday. All the contestants are a little sad that their families are gone now. Andy and Mondo both feel distracted. The fabrics are waiting for them in the workroom when they arrive! The contestants are really happy with them.

Andy is changing his plan. He’s not dealing well with the visit from yesterday. He is very off his game.

Tim Gunn stops by. Tim tells April that she needs to look at the dress analytically and not so emotionally. Andy is still not sure what he’s doing, and Tim doesn’t help clear his head much.


Tim gets emotional in the workroom when he realizes there’s only seven of them left. It’s so cute.

The next day is runway day! Andy is worried because his look feels mediocre to him. The models arrive for makeup and hair. Andy says he feels like Michael C. has grown on him. Even Michael feels more at ease around the group. Valerie keeps saying she hopes she can win this one, but it doesn’t look like that’s a possibility.

It’s the runway show! The guest judge is fashion designer Rachel Roy. Andy’s outfit does not look good on the runway. The models thighs look huge! Mondo’s outfit, on the other hand, looks amazing on the runway. Michael C.’s look is very polished this week.

Heidi says the judges are going to talk to all of them because they had conflicting opinions. Heidi likes Gretchen’s piece, but Michael Kors says she should have varied the size of the print. However, Nina expected more from Gretchen.

The judges aren’t a fan of Michael C,’s look. However, Heidi kinda likes it, but doesn’t like the styling. Rachel says she doesn’t see the water in Christopher’s print. Nina is not excited about it either. Nina decides to tell all the designers that they need to push the fashion! When Christopher says that not every outfit has to be way out there, Heidi snaps that this is fashion and she’s not sitting around in jeans and a t-shirt!

Rachel Roy likes Andy’s print, but thinks the outfit is bad, bad, bad. Nina’s on the rampage and says she’s very disappointed in his work. Heidi calls it “un-wearable.”


The judges like April’s piece and say that push-and-pull is a theme in her work. Rachel Roy says it is her favorite print.

Heidi points out that Valerie’s dress is very close to the napkin dress she made in the party store challenge. The judges are not happy. “There’s just nothing appealing about it,” says Michael Kors.

Mondo is very vague about his print, and doesn’t want to say why he made his print. Although the judges don’t know what the story is, they still feel that his look is great. After the judges praise his item, he decides to tell them about his HIV status. It’s very brave of him. The other contestants are surprised.

As the contestants wait for the judges to chat, they congratulate Mondo for being so brave. He says he feels free.

The judges call the contestants back. April is in, so Mondo wins…again! He’s going all the way to the finale, in my opinion. Gretchen is in. Michael C. is in, and so is Christopher. So, Andy and Valerie are up for elimination.

Andy is in, so Valerie is finally sent home. It’s been a long time coming.

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