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Real Housewives Of DC: Michaele And Tareq Prepare To Crash The White House While Stacie Comes Closer To Finding Her Father

September 30, 2010 08:01 PM by Sarah_Monson


Bravo finally begins to play their hand on The Real Housewives of DC. On this episode, Stacie continues the search for her Nigerian father while Lynda helps with a model casting call for a fashion show of an up and coming African designer. It’s to be for an invite only affair — one that Michaele and Tareq are not invited to. Yes, this is definitely the theme of the episode. Was it as thrilling as promised? Read on to find out!

The show starts off slow but eventually is running out of control, just the way we like it. Over at the Turner’s, Jason finds Stacie’s birth mother’s son on Facebook – this is why you keep your account private people – but she has serious hesitations about randomly contacting her Caucasian half brother who has no idea she exists. After a week of radio silence, the half brother hasn’t gotten back. Where do they go from here? Time to hit up the Nigerian Embassy!


Meanwhile, Cat, Mary and Lynda have some wine and gossip about Michaele.

This intercuts nicely with a scene of Tareq and Michaele drifting happily along in their fantasy world playing to the camera about how awesome their life is as they check into a super expensive hotel to meet friends for, what else, but a super expensive dinner.

Back at the bitchfest, Cat goes off on how fake the Salahi’s are and wonders how it’s possible that they have survived running on fumes for so long. They come to agree that Tareq is probably the ring leader to the couples shenanigans – saying the best is yet to come. Oh, how right they are…

Back in La La land, Tareq talks with friends about how he’s spent all this time in India and how Obama just happens to be hosting India at the White House State Dinner. This is obviously all foreshadowing leading up to the biggest moment of the whole season and finally puts my question to rest on why Michaele wore such a weird outfit.

But first the fashion show, which Cat is thrilled that the Salahis’ are not welcome at, as Lynda’s has sent a photo around to the guards to make sure they aren’t let in.

Stacie, changing the pace, visits the Nigerian Embassy in the continuing search for her birth father. She finds out that a photo of her birth father reveals that he might be a chief of a village! Hello? Royalty! You can tell that this is just filler to stall until the final moments of the show where the real drama happens, but it’s an interesting journey to watch unfold.

Later, at the Burkno Faso fashion show, which happens to be showcasing dresses designed by a Nigerian, all the cool housewives show up and kiss cheeks. All but Erika and Cat, that is, who just happen to get seated right next to one another. Gee, I wonder how that happened, Bravo.


Finally, the last 20 minutes of show arrives and starts the countdown to the biggest moment of the entire season: The White House State Dinner.

Clueless Michaele buys Tareq’s hooey about not needing the actual invite to get into the event. Which is good, because Michaele, when asked by her hairstylist to see the invite, accidentally misplaces it. Hmm… But that doesn’t stop her from spilling the beans to the entire salon about the hush hush, super top secret event. She describes in detail about the process of getting the invite – first by phone, then by LIES.  A Bravo producer asks her flat out: You lost the invite? To which she replies, Oh, it’s just taking a nap back that house…


Tareq explains that the invite is merely a keepsake or token that doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to frame, kind of like a diploma to a fake college you never went to, right buddy?

Michaele then fiddles with her now infamous sari while a tuxedoed Tareq plays with his blackberry, presumably sweating bullets over the fact that he’s about to send his wife into a firing range of ridicule and humiliation.

But, you’ll just have to wait until week to see that.

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