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The Apprentice: Daycare For Dogs

September 30, 2010 08:31 PM by Lisa Princ


The Apprentice on NBC is back tonight as Donald Trump delegates the task of running a daycare for dogs in Trump style of course. As tempers flare, one contestant gets fired from the task before they even hit the boardroom! Keep reading for all the details!

The drama continues tonight on NBC’s The Apprentice when Donald Trump issues the next task: running a daycare for dogs. He makes it perfectly clear that he expects it to be in Trump style and that the dog whisperer will be coming to judge them, along with two dog spa owners who will be helping each team with their task. Before they start however, Poppy meets with former GE CEO who gives her a two year scholarship for school as her prize for winning the ice cream task last week.


As James and Tyana step up to the plate as project managers, things immediately get heated for Octane. The other men have absolutely zero respect for James, so from the start he was in trouble. First James tries to apologize to the team for not giving them respect previously, and then as they meet with the dog spa owner to help set up their daycare for dogs, James immediately dismisses a question from David, which sends David into a fury of rage. David then mumbles something profane under his breathe and walks out. In a very unprofessional move, James pushes off the spa owner when he tries to give them lessons which confused and aggravated the other team members. When David comes back and tried to help with the interior of the daycare instead of setting up web cams as he was supposed to, James, who can’t take anymore of David’s attitude, fires David before the task really began.

The ladies of Fortitude had a better time this week despite a rough start between Liza and the rest. Mahsa was upset from the start when Tyana would not let her sit and work the front desk because Tyana wanted that for herself and instead she put Mahsa back with the big dogs, not paying any mind to Mahsa’s fear of dogs. Mahsa made that perfectly clear to Donald Jr. when he stopped by to see how things were going. Then things started to go smoothly for the gals, until Liza had some issues with getting the banners and paperwork they had planned on using to the printers. Her team mates of course used this as another reason to hate her, but in the end this team pulled together and pulled off the perfect daycare for dogs, including their Tuesday special which included a picture and doggy report card.


When it was time for the boardroom, Donald Trump went to the guys first and immediately David and James got into it once again, each blaming the other. Steuart stood up for James while all the others seemed to side with David that James was a poor project manager and leader. On the women’s side, aside from a few harsh words about Liza, the ladies kept it together well and then were informed that they won.

So James had to bring two people back with him and he chose David and Wade. Wade and Donald Trump were surprised as to why he was brought back, and James could not give them a clear answer. David and James bickered for a while, but in the end due to his lack of respect from everyone and the lack of respect he had for the dog spa owner, James was fired. In an update however, James has since found a new job with the Attorney General’s Office and he credits it to Donald Trump and The Apprentice!

Remember to tune in next week for another new episode of The Apprentice on NBC!

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