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Undercover Boss: This Week’s CEO Forced To Clean Up Poop In A Pool

October 01, 2010 08:24 AM by Sarah_Monson


On this week’s episode of CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss, things get a little stinky for Kim Schaefer, CEO of Great Wolf Resorts Inc., a company that owns, among other things, water parks where kids poop in the pool. Being the new girl, Schaefer got stuck on diaper duty and had to go clean up a toddlers “accident” in the water. Of course, the CBS camera crews were there to capture it all for viewers at home. Read on for more!

“I knew there was no chance that would get cut,” Schaefer, Great Wolf chief executive officer, said about the poop scene.

Schaefer, who’s been CEO of her company for the last two years, thought it might be a good idea to start educating parents about the need to put swim diapers on toddlers to prevent this type of pool closing disaster in the future.

Maybe she should offer everyone a free DVD of Caddyshack and a Baby Ruth?

Naturally, once it was revealed that the gal picking up poop was the boss of everyone in the company, people felt bad about making her do such dirty work. But Schaefer was fine with it, saying “I really wanted to see how the employees did their jobs,” she said.

It’s a good thing that she was so willing to get her hands dirty, as that scene could have tarnished the image of the water park in question.

“I think the company will look good,” Schaefer said about Sunday’s show. “I think the employees are competent, they’re caring. They’re very in tune with what the guests need.”

Just stop pooping in the pool, please.

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