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Extreme Makeover Home Edition Surprises Lutz Family at Yankee Stadium and Kristin Chenoweth Appears!

October 03, 2010 05:56 PM by Candace Young


The Extreme Makeover Home Edition bus heads into the Big Apple this week to surprise the Lutz family at Yankee Stadium during a baseball game between the Yankees and the Mets!  The Lutz adult children returned home to care for six adopted siblings with Down’s Syndrome after their parents passed away. ABC also welcomes special guest, Kristin Chenoweth on this episode. Read on for all of the highlights!

When Ty Pennington calls the Lutz family down onto the baseball field in Yankee Stadium, daughter Kathleen describes how scary it was for her Down’s Syndrome siblings to have lost their parents. She tells how her brother John also returned home to help her care for their six siblings so they wouldn’t be split up or put into homes.

The bus then heads to Long Island to the family’s home, where they meet John and the siblings who were not at the baseball game.  All eight of them are living in a very small house and there’s just not enough room.


Ty and the design team go through the house checking out the damage and noting what each family member’s interests are. Ty then sends them off on a trip to a resort in the Hamptons!

In planning the design of the new house, Ty mentions that it’s difficult for these people to go out to see the world,  so they’ll bring the world to them.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth, who is an adoptee herself, turns up on site to help with the demolition. As the Lutz family watches via laptop, they do a Broadway-style demo of the old house with singing and dancing!

With the idea of bringing the flavor of New York City into the house, Ty comes up with a New York taxi cab and puts Paul in charge of figuring out what to do with it. He ‘delegates’ to Tracy and Paige, who decides to make it into a cool couch,  and Paul heads over to Yankee Stadium hoping to nab some memorabilia.


The roof is still wide open when the team learns a severe storm is heading toward the area. Things take a serious turn as they try to get the roof on with a crane in a big hurry. It turns out that the storm hits with devastating results in areas near to the build, but not at the build.

As Paige tries to discuss the location of the taxi cab couch with Ty, he asks what Pauly thinks – but Pauly’s in the pool!

Paige and Tracy go to the Hamptons. The idea is that Paige will take Kathleen off for some ‘spa action’ while Tracy does a secret art project with the Down’s Syndrome siblings.

Back at the house, Ty wheels in a hot dog cart as he continues his New York theme, and Pauly shows off a karaoke set-up and stage that’s been installed.  The builder from Alure is astounded when he is faced with getting the cab into the house with only thirty minutes left before the family’s return. They run into problems and things turn intense! They get it in and the family is brought home with a parade.


Everyone chants ‘Move that bus’ and the Lutz family’s new home is revealed! Ty invites them to go see the inside.  They marvel at the New York theme, colorful decor, and the taxi cab couch in the great room!

Ty comes in and points out that everyone in the family has their own door to their room – complete with door knockers and mailboxes – and it is designed like a neighborhood in New York City.  Things turn emotional when they see a life-size photo of their deceased parents, but Ty diffuses the sadness by taking them out to see their new backyard.

They marvel at the swimming pool in the backyard, and Sal, the builder from Alure jumps right in!


The Lutz family heads back inside to see their karaoke set up and their new rooms each perfectly suited to their interests. John’s room has a billiards room adjoining, and Kathleen’s room has a spa tub in the ensuite washroom.  Back down at the karaoke, Pauly explains that CVS Pharmacy donated all of the musical equipment as well as a $50,000 fund for them to use as they wish!  The karaoke party gets underway, and Ty finishes by saying, “Welcome home Lutz family, welcome home!”

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, NY Post, Alure Home Improvements

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