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Undercover Boss: Great Wolfe Resorts

October 03, 2010 07:50 PM by Sarah_Monson


CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss breaks the mold in tonight’s episode by featuring for the first time ever, a female CEO. Kim Schaefer is CEO of Great Wolfe Resorts, North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts. Ever the workaholic, Kim joined Great Wolfe Resorts after college, and 19 years later, runs the place. Her hubby Dave, on the other hand, is a stay at home dad to their two teenage kids. Kim travels a lot and loves her career nearly as much as her family. She knows she misses out on things and worries that she’s not there for her kids as much as she needs to be, but she cannot compromise her job. Will her week undercover, walking in the shoes of those who have it a lot harder, make her see life differently? Keep reading to find out!

Leaving her convertible a Porsche and McMansion behind, Kim goes undercover, posing as Kris Miller – a stay at home mom reentering the workforce. Her first stop on Undercover Boss is in Grapevine, Texas, at a resort that caters to a very young crowd.

She’s assigned to work in the Cub Club with Bree, making pizzas with high energy kids. Kim gets in the mix right away, helping out and educating kids on how to cook, which proves to be way harder than one would think. Bree looks concerned at Kris’s limited cooking ability and wonders how she could possibly be a stay at home if she can’t cook. Bree then tells a story about how her husband recently lost his job and that her job at Great Wolfe has really been a blessing, as her daughter is going to college and they are worried they might not be able to cover tuition.


Hmm… I have a feeling that will come to play later.

Next stop, Kim checks in with Jackie as a front desk clerk at a lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. She catches on pretty quick checking in guests, but the entire process takes a laboriously long time and the guests start piling up.  By the time they reach the front of the line, most of the guests are demanding and totally rude. Kim takes a mental of this for later.

After the line dies down, the ladies take a break, and Kim has a heart to heart with Jackie who tells Kim she needs knee surgery but cannot take the time off because she’s a single mom who left her marriage after 20 years and has to work 7 days a week to make ends meet.

I’m sensing a theme here…

Back in Texas, Kim heads to the largest indoor water resort in the company and starts a shift in the aquatics department. She barely has time to shake her supervisor Kelly’s hand, before the s*** hits the fan. Literally. Kelly hear a DOUBLE whistle and off he runs with Kim to attend to an AFR!! Who knows what that means in Great Wolfe Lodge speak, all I know is that it means DOODIE in the pool!

(By the way, when did poop become X-rated, because CBS blurred it out like it was a photo of Britney Spears getting out of a car.)

Kelly then sends the CEO of his company into the poo-l to clean it up. After that fiasco, they carry on with the rest of their day. Kim keeps complaining about how hot it is, but Kelly keeps her moving at breakneck speed, showing her a Timmy test (throwing a mannequin in the pool) to see if the lifeguards are keeping an eye on the kids. Thankfully, the lifeguard sees Timmy and quickly jumps in to the rescue.


Kim’s whirlwind tour continues in Mason, Ohio, where she starts a job as a waitress, working under a gal named Deanna. Kim is most excited about working here as she used to waitress in college. She starts hustling around and realizes it’s not as fun as she remembers. And Deanna agrees. It’s a tough job. Deanna then shares with Kim that she lost her daughter 11 years ago in a car accident.

Cue the tears!

Kim wells up speaking about how hard it must be to lose a child and how grateful she is for her kids back at home.

She then heads back her post at CEO and shares her experiences with the other higher ups and critiques a few staff member on ways to improve the business. The clueless employees then head over to HQ thinking they’re going to critique Kris’s job performance, when they get surprised by Kim, donned up as CEO.

Kelly, naturally, is mortified that he made his boss clean up poop. But she promotes him anyway and pays for his flight school to help him get his pilots license!

Jackie is up next. Kim offers to pay for her time off for her knee surgery and promotes her front desk supervisor where she’ll get a permanent shift so she can be at home with her kids more. Again, cue the tears.

“I can be a mom again,” says Jackie. Aww…

Next up, Bree is promoted to resort ambassador for the Cub club brand – which involves a pay raise. And… Kim then straight up tells her that she’s going to pay for her daughter’s college. And then Bree howls. It was awesome.

Kim finally meets with Deanna, where Kim gives her a promotion with a higher raise. She then thanks Deanna for reminding her how precious life is and tells Deanna to she’s going pay her to stay home for the next 6 months to care for her new baby boy.

Tears everywhere.

Kim then takes the stage in front of the company and spills the beans about going undercover and shares a montage of the week’s shenanigans, poop and all.

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