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Amazing Race 17: Ditzy Girls Conquer The Ghana Market

October 04, 2010 07:53 AM by Allyson Wells


Amazing Race 17 Michael Sells Sunglasses in Ghana Market

Previously, on the Amazing Race, 11 teams gathered and learned of the game changing express pass.  The teams took off to England.  Several couples had trouble along the way.  Jill and Thomas won the express pass, while Ron and Tony were eliminated.  Who will soar and who will sink tonight?

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s The Amazing Race kicks off at Eastnor Castle, nestled in the English countryside.  Phil informs the teams they must now go to Acchra, Ghana to Kwame National Park.  The Amazing Race Teams have mixed emotions. Jill and Thomas are excited about having their express pass.  Nat and Kat note how different they are, with Kat being more stable.  Connor and Jonathan decide to wait for Brook and Claire to pool their resources.  Brook kisses a stranger in a tractor for directions. Kevin isn’t confident about having his dad, Michael, as a teammate.  Reunited mom and daughter, Andie and Jenna, want to finish the whole race because it’s time to spend together and get to know one another.


At the airport, Jill and Thomas are bummed to learn that there is only one flight a day and will lose their lead, since all teams will be on the same flight. The teams all land in Africa and frantically yell for taxis.  The teams have a bit of culture shock when people on the street begin to beg for money while they are in their cars.  Mike and Kevin are scared when a man put his hand in their car for money and spits on them.  Andie ends up giving a young man money and Jenna thinks maybe it will give them good karma.

Brook and Claire are the first to make it to the park and learn they must head to a market.  The other teams are close on their heels. At the market, the teams are amazed at how massive the market is.  Phil informs us that they must compete in selling designer sunglasses to vendors.  The teams choose their representatives and begin to flaunt their stuff.  Gary and Mallory are delayed by their cab’s car trouble and stuck at the park!  They end up having to get another cab.

Amazing Race 17 Mallory plays catch up on the sunglasses challenge in Ghana


The teams try to pitch and sell their sunglasses, but most teams have trouble with the task.  Chad tries to flirt with the women to sell his glasses.  Thomas toys with the idea of using the express pass.  Gary and Mallory finally make it to the market and Mallory gets to work.  Brook is the only one who doesn’t struggle.  She and Claire finish first and Kevin is proud of his dad for putting them in second.

The next stop is the June 4th area.  Phil informs the next challenge is Tune in or Check out.  The teams may choose to install a television antenna or they must choose a coffin one of several decorative coffins and move it across town to a showroom.

Both Brook and Claire and Michael and Kevin choose the antenna challenge.  Brook notes it is more challenging than it looks, while Kevin gets annoyed with Michael when he has difficulty with the antenna.

Still at the market, an annoyed Thomas looks on as Jill has trouble selling her glasses.  She is delayed looking for a pair that has no scratches on them.  She later says that with the tough economic times, she didn’t want to sell a pair of defective glasses.  Thomas is annoyed that Jill was worried about people’s feelings!

Nick tries to sell his glasses to a woman who does a dance for him and walks off with the glasses!  She toys with him and walks off with them before finally paying him.  Kat is frustrated when she is in last place and no one wants her sunglasses. She finally gets the job done and she and Nat head to the next challenge.

Brook and Claire can’t get their signal working, but finally get it together to stay in first place.  Katie and Rachel choose moving a piano coffin.  Their move puts them in second place. The teams must then head back to the Kaneshie Market, which Phil informs us is one of the largest in the world.  Brook and Claire are the first to find Phil.  The girls are thrilled to learn they win a trip for two to Hawaii!  Claire boasts that the ditzy girls are there to stay.  Katie and Rachel are in second place.

Michael finally gets a signal working on the television and Kevin is proud.  Kevin notes he finally views Michael as an equal teammate.

While headed to the next challenge, Andie and Jenna talk about some of their physical similarities and laugh that their naturally curly hair is frizzy in the humid African heat.

Connor and Jonathan have trouble with their antenna and decide to switch to the coffin challenge. They choose a fish because Jonathan points out that when you die, you’ll be “sleeping with the fishes.”  Jill and Thomas struggle with their coffin at first, but eventually get it to the showroom.

Kat and Nat, Gary and Mallory, and Andie and Jenna’s cabs get lost and can’t find the June 4th area.  Someone finally gives all of the teams the proper directions.  Nat and Kat, and Andie and Jenna opt to move a coffin, while Gary and Mallory work on the antenna challenge.

Michael and Kevin come in third place, and Chad and Stephanie come in 4th.  Jill and Thomas are relieved they are in 5th place.

The remaining teams race to finish their challenges and make it to the market.  All of the teams are frustrated to be stopped in traffic that won’t move.  Kat and Nat’s cab driver illegally begins to pass taxis.  The winner seems to be dictated by whose cab driver drives the craziest to get them there!  A terrified Jonathan notes he soiled himself while in the cab after several near accidents!

Jonathan and Connor are team 6, and Kat and Nat are 7th.  Nick and Vicki make it in 8th place.

Gary and Mallory and Andie and Jenna are the last two remaining teams.  When Gary and Mallory arrive at the market, Gary pleads with Phil to give him good news.  Phil informs the relieved father and daughter they are in last place, but still in the race.

Amazing Race 17 Reunited Mom and Daughter Andie and Jenna must leave

Phil informs a sad Andie and Jenna they are last and eliminated.  Jenna thinks it is a treasure she finally met her birth mom and Andie is happy she got to know her birth daughter.  Andie is proud she chose a good family for her.  Both cry they won’t have a longer experience together.  I was sad to see the duo go, as they were truly treasuring their time together on the race.


Tune in next week on CBS’s The Amazing Race when the teams remain in Africa, Nick loses his cool and takes it out on Vicki, and Michael’s age prevents him from completing a task.

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