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Flipping Out: Jeff Asks Sarah How He Can Be A Better Boss

October 04, 2010 03:00 PM by Sarah_Monson


Jeff Lewis, Bravo’s favorite overbearing boss on the hit show Flipping Out, may not be so bad after all. Sure, he’s a demanding tyrant who yells and screams over the smallest thing, HATES onions and will reign fire down upon anyone who dare forget this, and his lips seem to get plumper with each passing episode, as does his ego. With all of that though, there might just be a softer side to Jeff Lewis. How soft is soft? Keep reading to find out.

Bravo’s Flipping Out Facebook page showed a bonus scene from last week’s Sarah bashing episode — you know, the one where she gets engaged after ten years of dating the same man. Totally exciting for her, of course, but not for Jeff. How will he berate and demoralize his favorite employee now?

Anyway, in the clip, Jeff and Sarah have a rare heart to heart, where Jeff legitimately asks Sarah how he can be a better boss. To which Sarah has a LIST, written out, ready to go. Classic.

So, how can Jeff be a better boss?

Sarah’s item numero uno was: Don’t be so short. To which, Jeff was short with her, saying that the reason he’s short is because she interrupts him and then he loses his train of thought.

Moving on, the second way Jeff can be a better boss according to Sarah: Stop bringing up personal stuff. To which Jeff is very honest with Sarah, and tells her that just ain’t gonna happen, sorry sister.

To quote him: “It brings me a lot of joy and happiness and satisfaction.”

Of course it does.

Sarah admits defeat and says, I guess “he’s just nosy with people he cares about.” Or a sociopath. Which ever…

Finally, the third little bitty improvement Sarah asks of Jeff in his pursuit to be a better boss: Stop encouraging her to sleep with clients.

Geez, Sarah, your being such a prude. Jeff replies that he doesn’t actually encourage her to sleep with them, he encourages her to flirt with them. Ah, well, that makes it alright then.

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