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Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Season Three Starts Off With A Bang

October 04, 2010 08:12 PM by Sarah_Monson


Bravo‘s sassy southern belles are back with season three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. A lot has happened since we last saw our favorite housewives and watched them dish, gossip, throw fits and of course, drink copious amounts of wine. NeNe moved into a new house, Kandi called off her engagement (and sadly, her ex-fiance AJ has since passed away) and Kim declared herself a bi-sexual. With all these big changes, plus two new housewives, what does this season hold? Keep reading to find out!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta starts off with a bang over at Sheree’s house where she’s taken up the art of acting. First of all, who hosts acting class as their own home? Bravo divas, that’s who.

NeNe shows up with some gossip about how Kim just admitted she’s bisexual in a magazine. This shocks Sheree, who instantly calls Kim a media whore (and lesbian). But as you know, NeNe and Kim have a love hate relationship, so she invites Kim over to make amends. She hires a personal chef, opens a bottle of her most expensive wine and puts on her finest jewles. She must really want Kim to like her this season.

Over lunch, NenNe cuts right to the chase and asks Kim straight up if she’s into girls. Kim says heck yeah!

NeNe then talks about how her relationship with her husband Greg is on the rocks, and that the shaky economy has shifted their roles. NeNe is now the main bread winner and Greg seems to be keeping secrets. Kim then confesses that Dwight told her that he loaned Greg $10,000. This shocks NeNe and she can’t wait to confront her husband.

Later, Kim gets together with Kandi and they talk boys. Kandi wonders what Big Poppa thinks of Kim’s new lady loving ways, but Kim won’t say. Kandi talks about how after she lost AJ, she plans to take things slow and then tells Kim she’s sort of dating Willis McGahee, a Baltimore Ravens football player. Kandi goes rock climbing with him and Willis teases her about beating her at rock climbing. Then Kandi jokes that she made a bet of celibacy to a friend and he’ll never beat her at that game. Snap.

At Kim’s house, her 13-year-old daughter comes home and tells mommy that she is super boy crazy. This freaks Kim out and she hopes she’s instilled the same morals in her daughter she has. Like what, gold digging?

Finally, we get to meet the newest housewife, Phaedra Parks – a true southern belle. She’s about 6 months preggers and is married to a man named Apollo. He’s a much younger man and not as established as Phaedra, but shes not worried, he signed a pre-nup! Oh yeah, she’s a lawyer – an attorney to the stars, to be exact. She fab, fierce and beautiful.


She pops by her pal Dwight’s, who is also a client of Phaedra’s, to talk about how he invested $30,000 into Sheree’s fashion show. It seems Dwight is just doling out the cash this episode!

A while later, NeNe confronts her hubby about borrowing money from Dwight. He confesses that he and Dwight went in on an investment together but the deal fell through. And that it was only for $500. NeNe is not pleased that her hubby lied to her, but she’s even more pissed that Dwight would be spreading rumors. Oh yeah, they’re all about to attend the same party.

At the big event, the ladies converge. NeNe, Kim an Sheree stop in their tracks when Phaedra arrives with Dwight. Immediately, the sparks fly. By now NeNe is tipsy and walks right up to Dwight and gets all up in his face. Dwight tells her save the drama – but NeNe loses it. The party comes to a halt to watch NeNe basically chase Dwight out of the party.


Post party, back in the car, Kim and NeNe pop another bottle of champagne and NeNe admits she regrets blowing her top. She thanks Kim for having her back, too. Well, Kim certainly doesn’t want to get strangled again, so she better.

All in all, not a bad start to what will no doubt be a drama filled season, southern style.

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