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Survivor: Nicaragua — Did Jimmy Johnson Dish A Spoiler?

October 04, 2010 10:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson may have been voted off of Survivor: Nicaragua, but a comment he recently made might offer a glance into the end of the competition.  In an interview with coach Jimmy Johnson a few days before the first episode aired on CBS, he was asked a question about the strategy he used going into the game.  His answer may have revealed an aspect about the final Tribal Council.

In response to that question, Jimmy Johnson said, “Well, the one thing that I tried to convince everybody of is listen, the jury’s not going to award me a million bucks, so I’m the least threat of anybody.  Because I knew going in that I was going to be a target being a celebrity and, you know, they’re going to say hey, he doesn’t need a million bucks.  Get him out of here.  But I tried to convince them and said, “I’m not a threat to you at all because nobody’s going to, you know, award me a million bucks and in fact, I would be the number one person to take to the final three.  I’d be the one person that you should be aligned with because I’m not a threat, so that was the strategy going in.”


Did you catch it?  He mentions a final three.  Does that mean Jimmy Johnson just revealed this season will come to a final vote with three contestants left standing for the $1 million?  Or was it just game chatter and he didn’t mean anything by it?

My prediction?  We’ll have a final three this season.  Host Jeff Probst has said in numerous interviews, including ones about this season, that they like the concept of a final three facing the vote instead of two.

Looking back a bit, that twist first came in season 13 — Cook Islands — when Ozzy, Becky and Yul all made it to the final vote.  Three people also made the final votes in season 14 (Fiji), 15 (China), 17 (Gabon), 19 (Samoa) and 20 (Heroes Vs. Villains).


17 contestants remain.

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