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Flipping Out: Jenni Loses Jeff’s Schedule and Trace Gets Slapped

October 05, 2010 08:02 PM by Sarah_Monson


On tonight’s all new, drama filled episode of Bravo’s Flipping Out, things don’t go according to plan. From the get go Jeff, always drunk with power, is on Jenni’s case and nothing she does will please him. But when a client gets way out of hand and puts Trace in physical danger, will Jenni be the one to save the day? Read on to find out!

Tonight’s episode of Flipping Out begins at the end of Trace’s college career. About to graduate, Jeff has a full-time job waiting for him at his office. Trace really wants to show Jeff that’s he’s a capable employee, and one that Jeff will want around for the long haul. He knows that proving himself to Jeff will be difficult, but he seems up for the challenges. He clearly hasn’t seen previous seasons of Flipping Out!

Jeff and Jenni drop by some work locations through out Los Angeles. Things are going along swimmingly and all is well until… horror of horrors, Jenni realizes that Jeff’s schedule has gone missing. Jeff starts to panic and Jenni starts to mentally prepare her resume, and the episode flies into full gear as they frantically search the city for the planner.

Jenni, usually so flippant when Jeff flips out, was seriously panicked. Jeff threatens to fire her if it’s gone. Luckily, when they get back to one of their work sites, the schedule is there. Whew! Jeff then relentlessly chides and belittles Jenni, per usual, and the show moves on.

The next day, Jenni and Jeff are super tense with one another at the office. Jenni didn’t even want to take pay for the day, but Jeff wouldn’t let her because he wanted to come up with his own punishment. Jeff just cannot let it go.

Later, in the car with Sarah and Trace, Jeff tells his minions that he will not apologize to Jenni for being such jerk, and he continues to tell them about how absentminded Jenni has been lately. Sarah, uncomfortable about his Jenni bashing, changes the subject on to happier things: Traces graduation!

Jeff is super thrilled that Trace is gradating and the whole office is planning on being in attendance. But during the graduation ceremony, Jeff’s ADD kicked in big time, as does Sarah’s and Jett’s. They were all texting away on their phones, and eventually escaped to the car to cracked open some beers. Jenni and Zoyla stayed the course, and Jeff, Sarah and Jett got back in the nick of time to see Trace walk the floor.


The next day, Jeff sends Trace out to meet with Chuck, a new client visiting from Florida, take him to a design store and then a quick lunch for good measure. This makes Trace nervous, as it’s his first day as a full time employee, but he feels up for the challenge. He meets with Chuck, who at the store was a nice guy, even though he kept bugging Trace to call Jeff over every detail. This lack of trust bothered Trace, but he was about to get a lot more bothered when the two of them stopped for lunch.

Later, Trace, in a 911 panic, called Jeff to inform him that Chuck was getting plastered. So Jeff and Jenni decided to swoop in to save Trace from a very drunk Chuck, now acting loud, rude and awfully touchy feely. He totally grabbed Jenni’s boobs. Jenni warned him that she would punch him in the balls should he grab her twins again. Then Chuck told everyone at the table that the only person he wanted to hit was Trace.

So he does.

Unprovoked, he totally slapped Trace across the face, leaving Trace stunned, Jeff speechless and me hitting rewind on my DVR to watch it again. Chuck, on the other hand, seemed fine with it. Awkward!


Instead of calling the cops, Jenni tried to help by sending Chuck into the bathroom. Jeff didn’t know what to do, so he let Trace take off so he didn’t have to drive back to Chuck’s hotel.

Finally, the painful lunch ends, Chuck leaves and Jeff and Jenni talk about how most of their job consists of babysitting their clients. Jeff was really pleased with Jenni’s level headed performance dealing with this crazy client, and Jeff forgives Jenni for the whole missing schedule fiasco.

The episode ends with the quote of the season: “I can handle crazy people because I work for one.” Truer words were never spoken, Trace.

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