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America’s Next Top Model: Karolina Kurkova Guest Judges

October 06, 2010 06:33 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

On America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks and her crew challenge the models to a runway walk on a conveyor belt.  Then Vogue supermodel Karolina Kurkova shows up to help the models during a photo shoot in a wrestling ring.  With more Kacey drama and fights, who will be sent home this week on America’s Next Top Model.

Ann gets excited looking at her photos on display at the house.  The other models look on silently.  Kacey is ready for Ann to let loose so she can hit it.

Kacey flashes back to the other girls confronting her and thinks it’s tough to stand up to girls that don’t like her.  she makes an announcement that she wants to get to know one another better.  They play a question and answer session game. Liz laments being in the bottom two and wants to get it together for her little girl.  Jane admits her family is wealthy, and it makes it tough for her to open up because she has been so fortunate.  Liz wishes she had Jane’s money.  The girls are interrupted with Tyra mail that says they have to go backwards to go forwards.

Lexie admits that she is super strange and chows down on several saltine crackers at a time.  She knows she needs to show more of her personality this week.

The girls arrive at an underground tunnel.  Miss J informs the girls they are wearing Anthony Leroux designs and will be walking with male models across a moving conveyor belt!  He gives them instructions for how to properly glide across the belt in their heels.  Liz is pumped to wear flashy jewelry.  Jane doesn’t think she can walk normally, much less on a conveyor belt.

Liz is nervous about her long train getting stuck on the belt, but Miss J tells her fashion is a risk.  The show gets underway and is pretty much a disaster. Chelsey is first and misses her first step!  She keeps stumbling, but bravely tries to stay composed.  A nervous Liz takes the stage.  She stumbles all over the stage, but tries to play it off.  Jane is next, and Miss J think she face is too academic.  Ann nearly tumbles off the conveyor belt.  Kayla’s shoe gets caught in the belt.  Kendal still smiles, even though her shoe falls off.  A confident Lexie walks on the belt with total composure!  Kacey actually walks very well and feeds off the audience.  Esther barely makes eye contact and falls off the belt at the end of her walk.  Chris makes it across, but not as composed as she would like.

America's Next Top Model

Backstage, Miss J announces that Kacey is the winner and wins the jewelry prize.  She lets out a loud scream that makes the other girls cringe.  Kacey is feeling on top of the world, but Lexie is surprised that Kacey won over her.

Back in the house, Andre stops by to see the girls.  He informs them that Karolina Kurkova is there to see them.  The beautiful Victoria’s Secret model enters and is surprised to hear that Ann likes to eat fried oreos!  Andre demands that they learn from Karolina.  Karolina brings them a big basket of fruits and vegetables and preaches how important it is to stay healthy and take care of themselves.  Chelsey notes how pretty Karolina’s skin is.  Karolina thinks personality will help them be successful in the modeling industry.  The next Tyra mail arrives and reads, “Don’t let the competition throw you.”

Later that night, Ann is annoyed that Lexie is complaining about how messy Kacey is, when Lexie is just as messy.  Kacey confronts Lexie and the two have a shouting match.  Liz is super tired of listening to people yell and orders Kacey to stop with her drama!  Kacey notes she is alone and against everyone else.

The models all arrive for their shoot.  Jay welcomes them to a Mexican wrestling ring.  Kacey thinks it is perfect they might box, given everything going on in the house.  Jay informs them they will be posing with the wrestlers.  Liz is all decked out in a blonde spiky wig and super high heels.  Jay wants her to have more grrr in her face and thinks her delivery looks fake.  Jay thinks Kendal sounds like a baby elephant, as she continues to make animal noises while she poses.  Jay is unimpressed with Jane not taking directions.  The photographers like Esther’s energy.  They are also impressed with Chelsey.  Kayla rocks out a fiery red wig and Jay is surprised with how good she is doing.  Kacey wants to blow the other girls out of the water, and Jay is pleased she found a way to take direction.  Chris jumps and thrashes about the ring, which Jay loves.  The photographer makes Ann cry when he tells her to get confident.  Lexie has trouble channeling her emotions through her body, but pulls it together at the last minute.

Back at the house, the girls are nervous about their photos.  Kacey doesn’t want Ann to get best photo again.  Ann cries again over how bad she did.

The models head to see the judging panel.  Tyra Banks reminds them of all the winner gets on America’s Next Top Model.  They then discuss the photo session.  Kendal is first.  The judges like her expression, but don’t think her body matches her face.  Tyra thinks Lexie seems nervous.  The judges aren’t impressed and think she struggled.  The judges love Esther’s picture, but wish her face had more.  The judges are impressed with Chelsey’s picture.  Ann is next and admits she didn’t feel too comfortable and becomes teary.  The judges surprise her and Andre thinks she is total Italian Vogue!  Tyra thinks Ann created magic.  Jane is next, and Nigel thinks her picture was more porn than fashion.  Chris’s picture is of her flying through the air, which the judges love.  Andre makes Kayla take her hair down before judging her.  They love how she transformed herself.  The judges like Liz’s eyes, but want her to stop wearing cocktail dresses to panel.  A confident Kacey is next, but the judges think she looks like a deer in headlights.

America's Next Top Model

While deliberating, the judges think Kendal and Lexie are missing something.  Karolina says Esther is her favorite.  They like that Chris took a risk and love Chelsey showing her personality.  They all love Ann, and Tyra likes her business sense.  They think Jane is beautiful, but is lost behind her beauty.  They believe Liz has something magical.

The models return for the judges’ decision.  Tyra announces that Ann again wins the best picture!  Tyra notes that it is a first in Top Model history to win four times in a row!  Jane and Lexie wind up in the bottom two.  Tyra points out that they are both beautiful with stunning looks.  Tyra is frustrated that Lexie’s personality never shows up and that they never know who Jane is.  Tyra tells Jane she is staying, but they need to discover who she is.  Tyra hugs Lexie and tells her she needs a bit more practice before becoming a top model.  Lexie knows that Kacey must be thrilled she is gone.

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