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Hell’s Kitchen: Prom Night, Bon Appetit And Nancy Lee Grahn

October 06, 2010 07:21 PM by Lisa Princ


Just when you thought the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX couldn’t possibly get any worse than last week they have once again proved us wrong. Tonight, Gordon Ramsay puts them through prom night, a Bon Appetit challenge and chef’s tables including a visit from General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn. Keep reading to find out who stepped up and who was sent packing!

Hell’s Kitchen on FOX kicked off tonight with prom night. The chefs had to create dishes to impress a couple of teenagers enough to be chosen for their prom night that was being held in Hell’s kitchen. The ladies swept the teens winning 3 out 3 dishes with the teens and ended up spending the day at an amusement park as their reward. The men, however had to stay behind and set up the prom decor for the evening. Russell got fed up with the teenage prom committee telling him what to do and he lost his cool with them until James stepped in and made him cool it.

Dinner service was a nightmare for prom night on Hell’s Kitchen as it seemed to be one mistake after another. In the red kitchen, Emily had a tough time with crab cakes and could not get it together all night, while Melissa did one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on the show – she cooked twenty some pieces of filet mignon all at once while the rest of the team was serving appetizers. The blue kitchen struggled slightly, but no where near as bad as the red kitchen and it seemed as Russell has finally found his voice and took charge all night. When Gordon Ramsay started to lecture Melissa about not cutting into the meats, Nona stepped in and started to talk over Gordon which infuriated him and he walked off leaving Nona to explain the proper meat technique. Ironically enough, the only one who shined in the red kitchen tonight was Sabrina.


After service, clearly the red team lost and Gordon Ramsay asked Sabrina to choose two people to go up for elimination from the red team. Sabrina had planned on choosing Emily and Melissa, but then she spoke with the men, who tried to convince her to put Gail up instead as she would be a tough competitor so it would be better to lose her now. Sabrina thought it over and ended up choosing Melissa and Emily as she planned previously, going against the advice of the men. Good thing she did, because we all know Chef Ramsay would have seen right through her if she chose Gail. After pleading their cases, Gordon decided it was time for Emily to go home.

Next on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, before even giving out the challenge, Gordon Ramsay decided to put Melissa on the blue team and sent Trevor to the red team. Next they were to create an entree salad for a feature in Bon Appetit magazine. The winning salad would also be featured on the menu at dinner service. Only two chefs impressed the Bon Appetit guest and they were Gail and Rob, who both ended up making scallops with their salads. The winning team was the blue team as the winner of the Bon Appetit feature and spread was Rob. The blue team also got to spend the day dining in Malibu and visiting a museum, which was comical as they picked out a mummy and said it looked like Raj! The red team had to clean and prep and Trevor was getting easily annoyed with the women and more so, Sabrina.

Dinner service was another disaster for both teams. They had chef tables in the kitchen for special guests and in the red kitchen that guest was General Hospital star, Nancy Lee Grahn. In the blue kitchen, Boris and Melissa could not do anything right and it remained this way all night. Boris couldn’t make simple mashed potatoes while Melissa actually ruined all the scallops for the salads so they ended up having to use shrimp. In the red kitchen, Sabrina was the complete opposite of the night before, she kept messing up and would not answer anytime Trevor tried to take charge, almost as if she were spiteful that Trevor was taking charge. Nancy Lee Grahm looked shocked but tried not to giggle when Gordon Ramsay started his yelling tirade, it was comical watching her facial expressions during the service.


In the end, Gordon Ramsay decided that there was no winning team tonight and both teams needed to choose one person for elimination. The red team nominated Sabrina for her obvious mistakes all night while the blue team nominated Boris for his mistakes – if anything I would have nominated him for sweating so much in the food! Gordon Ramsay, as he always does, had other plans however. He also called up Melissa and Nona, who had a rough time with her scallops as well and said these four were the worst of the worst. After they all pleaded their cases, Chef Ramsay decided it was time for Melissa to go home as even switching her from one team to the other did not seem to help her.

Be sure to tune in at 8 pm EST next week for an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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