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Project Runway: Eliminated Designers Return To Help The Remaining Ones

October 07, 2010 08:21 PM by Allyson Wells


On Project Runway, Heidi Klum instructs the designers to design active wear for one of her collections and Tim Gunn informs the designers that the eliminated designers will be helping them with the challenge.  Some of the designers fold under the pressure of Heidi’s criticism.  Which ones impress Heidi Klum this week on Project Runway?

The Project Runway contestants wake up and talk to one another. Mondo is excited having won three competitions in a row. The remaining contestants revel in the silence of departed contestants. They then head to the Parsons design school for directions. Heidi Klum enters and thinks the designers are too comfortable with their models and informs them they will change. Mondo gets to choose his new model first since he won the last challenge. Mondo is bummed when his model is not chosen and has to leave.

The challenge is to design a new collection for Heidi’s New Balance Collection. The winner’s look will be sold exclusively on Amazon.com. The designers all get to work. Christopher is nervous about designing active wear. April also agrees it will be tricky. Tim arrives and leads the designers from sketching to Mood and gives them thirty minutes to shop. All the designers end up in the same aisle to pick fabric.

The designers go back to Parsons and get started on their designs. After working for all day, Heidi and Tim arrive. Heidi’s presence makes some of the designers nervous. Tim informs Christopher his model had to cancel and he’ll be working with Mondo’s former model. Heidi tells Christopher to remember that women still need to be active while fashionable. A skeptical Heidi then looks at Mondo’s design and wonders if he sees her shopping in the crop top he has made. Mondo gets a little bit testy with Heidi and she asks why he is rolling his eyes. Heidi has difficulty fitting into his see-through top and comments that maybe a yorkie can fit into it. Mondo responds sarcastically maybe he’ll dress his dog in it later and Heidi wonders why he is being so rude. Mondo begins to crack under the pressure as he hears Heidi praising other designers.

Heidi looks over April’s design. Heidi likes it, but wants her to make a part of it less busy. Heidi looks over Gretchen’s design and is concerned about the contrasting fabric. Gretchen argues she doesn’t want to waste time with the fabric and throws it. April thinks Gretchen needs to handle criticism more constructively. Heidi doesn’t like the ruching on the butt of the leggings, and again, Gretchen doesn’t take the criticism very well.


Heidi looks at Michael’s very simple poncho. Heidi is amazed he did so well since he doesn’t necessarily sew. Before Heidi leaves, she asks for two additional looks from the designers. Mondo turns his back to Heidi and blocks her out. Heidi then tells them they will have help. Tim orders them to sketch and then they will go shopping for more fabric. After Heidi leaves, Tim suggests they be positive and rally.

After the designers shop and return back to Parsons to get to work, Tim enters to tell them about their help. The doors open and the designers that have been voted off enter! Michael comments he would rather be gone than work with past designers. Mondo gets to choose his partner first and picks Valerie.  Gretchen picks Cassanova, Christopher picks Ivy, Michael picks A.J., April picks Peach, and Andy picks Michael.

The former designers are amazed at the difficulty of the new challenge, but help energize their partners. On Day 2 of the challenge, A.J. tells Michael he was nervous to work with him, but that it has been nice. Christopher appreciates Ivy’s input. April thinks Peach worries way too much about small details.

Mondo thinks Michael’s colors are hideous. The other designers tease Michael about his Thanksgiving color scheme. While sewing, Ivy asks Michael how it feels being so near the end. Michael notes it is a shock to still be there, and Ivy retorts, “Why, because you cheated?” Ivy accuses Michael of cheating on the blue Jackie Kennedy challenge. Michael asks Ivy how it feels to be eliminated for crappy designs. They continue to argue and both want to get the last word in. Ivy then accuses Michael of sabotaging people on the show.

A.J. informs Michael that some of the other designers do feel like he cheated. Michael claims he has been sewing since he was a child. Ivy tells Mondo that she made Michael cry because he’s not a good person. Mondo thinks Ivy is bitter. Ivy won’t back down and thinks Michael should be disqualified. As she talks about karma, she gets hit in the face with a contraption from the sewing machine. Tim enters and tells them he has heard an accusation about cheating. Ivy says she saw fashion tape in the women’s bathroom. Tim wonders why she is just now bringing it up and tells her it is too late. Tim thinks it is a case of “He said, she said.” Michael is sad that the incident happened at all, but Tim orders everyone to put it behind them because it is not a serious issue.

On the day of the runway show, Christopher jokes he would like to see Mondo go home. April and Gretchen agree it would be nice for Michael to go home. At Parsons, Tim sends in the models. Mondo thinks that all of the designers should be worried. Gretchen tells Michael to just let everything go and he insists he has. The designers give their hair and makeup instructions. They thank their design assistants and leave for the show.

Heidi enters the Runway and tells the designers that one of them will be eliminated after the show. The other judges enter and the show gets underway. Gretchen is mostly happy with her looks. Andy thinks his looks are strong and appropriate for the line. April thinks she did a great job on her collection. Christopher doesn’t think his designs are his best because the line was something he wasn’t used to. Michael loves his looks, but is afraid about the colors. Mondo’s designs are last and he thinks his designs actually turned out well.

Heidi tells Michael, Christopher and Gretchen their scores were the lowest and they are asked to leave while the judges talk to the other designers. Heidi asks Mondo where her favorite pieces went. He tells her he restarted with new energy. The judges admire the whimsy, fabric combination, and how it hangs on the body. April explains she wanted to incorporate high fashion into the line. The judges don’t think that the clothing is very active, and Heidi thinks that women wouldn’t wear little shorts. Andy explains that he wanted the line to be chic dressed up or down. Heidi loves the looks, and the judges agree that they combine fashion with comfort.

The lowest scoring designers enter for judging. Heidi tells Michael his colors are not right and the judges think the clothes are not relaxed looking. They also think there was too much accessorizing. Christopher explains he focused on the details and comfort. The judges think the garments look too cheap. They are surprised that he lost his refinement and put a block up in his designing. Gretchen explains that she wanted more sophistication and sexiness in her designs. Heidi disagrees and thinks that the designs would be comfortable and that they hurt her eyes looking at them. Gretchen gets defensive and thinks it is a difference of opinion.

The designers wait for the judges to deliberate.  The judges are very impressed with April and Andy. Heidi is relieved that Mondo changed his attitude and came through. They are concerned with Christopher’s pajama party for the retirement home clothes. The judges are also concerned with Michael’s taste in color. All of the judges agree that Gretchen’s styling was a disaster and are surprised because she is normally brilliant. They also bring up Gretchen’s ego and inability to take criticism.


The designers enter the runway area for the judges’ decision. Heidi tells a thrilled Andy he is the winner of the challenge. She informs him all three of his designs are going to be sold as part of her collection! Andy is amazed people will be able to purchase his designs. Heidi tells Gretchen she is in, but that constructive criticism is not her enemy. Heidi tells Michael his choices were very questionable and Christopher his clothes looked cheap. Heidi reveals that Christopher is out, and Michael is still in. Michael cries as he exits. Heidi gives Christopher a kiss and wishes him luck. Christopher tells the other designers good-bye. Tim tells Christopher they will miss him in a profound way on Project Runway.

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