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Real Housewives of DC: Season One Finale!

October 07, 2010 09:00 PM by Sarah_Monson


Well, it finally happened. The Bravo season finale of The Real Housewives of DC that everyone’s been waiting for. Was it as dramatic as promised? Did the claws come out? What really happened at that White House Dinner? Keep reading to find out!

The season finale of The Real Housewives of DC starts with a date: Tuesday November 24th – the night of the infamous White House State dinner. Tareq and Michaele are in their car on the way to the dinner and call Stacie to share the big news. She asks how they got such impossible to find tickets. They give a vague answer.

Tareq then says if he could have gotten Stacie and Jason tickets, he would have. Maybe start by getting yourself tickets first, buddy…

Michaele asks Tareq if they have their IDs? Check. Camera? Check. Tickets? Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Michaele then smiles her big clueless smile and Tareq looks shiftily around as they pull up to the White House. The driver pulls up outside the White House and the Salahi’s and crew unload. They walk up to the pass holders line, where… lo and behold… they are not on the list. The security guard lets them go anyway, and they disappear into the night.

After the commercial break, it’s the next day. What gives? What happened?! Michaele and Tareq describe their unbelievable evening as they stroll through their camera photos. Then, Tareq gets a message from a friend who tells them that a gossip columnist from the Post says they crashed the party. Michaele asks: “I think we went through five checkpoints. Didn’t we?”

By Thursday, November 26th, the world wants to know: Who are these people, that, for the first time in modern history crashed a party of this caliber?

Over at Stacie’s house, they read about how White House officials said they were not on guest list and not seated at a table, even though they got passed security and secret service. Stupidly, Michaele posted photos of themselves on Facebook with Joe Biden, Katie Couric and Rahm Emmanuel, to name a few.

Jason says: “You’re not talking about a club, you’re talking about the White House!”


Stacie started the phone tree of gossip and calls Cat, who already knew. Mary openly wondered why they weren’t put in jail.

On Saturday, Nov 28th, Stacie’s house is abuzz with the other ladies, Mary and Lynda – who still cannot believe the stunt The Salahi’s pulled. Cat compares them to Thelma and Louise. Lynda calls them Bonnie and Clyde. Cat tells Mary that because of this stunt, she and her husband Charles were blacklisted from the White House Christmas party, just because of the Real Housewives association. They call Michaele to get her side of the story, but get no answer.

The couple then goes on The Today Show to explain their side of the story and break the silence, but the news stories continue to spin. Will there be criminal charges? Was it a felony?

A few weeks later, the Salahi’s finally get a legit invite to a Washington event: a hearing to explain themselves.  The ladies get together watch the train wreck unfold in CSPAN.

Astoundingly, Tareq pleads the 5th and declines to answer every single question asked of him, including the question: Are you in this room right now?

Angry government officials tear into Tareq and Michaele, telling them that they made a mockery of our country and that their actions could have seriously affected the safety of the President.

Another one guffaws: “I cant believe how much you’re wasting of our time.”


The ladies wonder just how many tax dollars they’re gonna waste on them? Their lawyer steps up and says the Salahi’s are innocent, and that they 100% believed in their hearts that they were invited to the White House. 6 year olds 100% believe in unicorns, too, pal. It doesn’t mean it true.

Stacie decides to invite the Salahi’s over and have a face to face conversation. Mary fully says she would never be able to be in the same room as them, and Lynda decides she can’t do it either. So Cat and Stacie decide to go it alone.

The night of the party, the Salahi’s show up with vino, looking relaxed and radiant. Michaele says hi, Cat says nothing. They make small talk for a little while – which makes Cat so mad she gets up and walks out, but not before telling them how awful they are. Stacie explains to Michaele that Cat got uninvited from the White House Xmas party because of them.

Jason keeps the party moving along and eventually talk turns to what happened that fateful night. Stacie tries to bring it up, but before she can get a word out, Michaele  jumps up, saying they can’t talk about it – they’re not allowed. Jason tells them they are both wearing a Scarlett letter and that he really hopes they can recover — to which Michaele, in complete denial, says it’s time to go. Tareq says, in time, it will all come out.


And then they sneak out the back door like completely nut cases. Stacie can’t believe it, and says: “You have the balls to walk through the front door of the White House, but you sneak out the back door of ours?”

The episode was everything we’ve hoped for and more. The Salahi’s are still in hot water over what happened, and who knows what the truth is. As for the other ladies, Mary sold her house and Lolly moved out on her own. Cat and Charles filed for divorce. Lynda finished renovating her home. And Stacie found her dad!

Until next season…

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