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Undercover Boss: Awesome or Annoying?

October 09, 2010 03:30 PM by Sarah_Monson


CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss was the most well received reality show of last year. Its ratings were through the roof and everyone seemed to tune in to see how all those clueless CEO’s would do walking in the shoes of their far less paid employees. But are people watching the show because it’s so awesome or just totally annoying?

Now in its second season, Undercover Boss has definitely hit its stride. But, is it a good one? Meant to be a heart warming, lesson learning show where hard working employees are singled out by CEO’s only to have their once lost dreams come true – is Undercover Boss trying too hard?

Personally, this season seems a little too contrived for my liking. It’s just way too convenient that Kim Schaefer, the first female CEO to be featured on the show, just happened to be working alongside a single mom with a sob story and a lady who wasn’t sure how she was going to pay for her kids college.

And Steve Joyce, the Choice Hotel CEO who spoke about how his mother opened her doors to women in need, ended up working with a girl who was kicked out by her own mom for getting pregnant.

I think CBS is just a little to cloying with these forced scenarios. I long for an episode like one last season where a CEO went undercover in his call center and the employee there was horrible! She talked back to the customer and talked smack with her covert CEO. It was genius!

Come on, you need at least one sinister storyline to make the rest of the show less sticky sweet.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. There’s quite a dividing line online as well. Some people love the show and its message of hope, change and humility. Others think it’s the most manipulative show on TV (have they seen The Bachelor?)

Whatever side one takes, people are still watching. This Sunday, DIRECTV CEO Mike White will become the latest corporate executive to morph into a scruffy beard and a baseball cap wearing low level employee. He’ll be posing as an entry-level employee at the company, where he’ll go on service calls, work in one of the company’s call centers, and spend some time in its warehouse – no doubt alongside people with heartbreaking stories, that he will make all better.

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