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Undercover Boss: Were You Curious As To What An AFR Meant Too?

October 09, 2010 12:30 PM by Sarah_Monson


On last Sunday’s CBS hit show Undercover Boss, you hopefully finished dinner before watching CEO Kim Schaefer wade into a kiddie pool to clean up some, well, kiddie poo.

Kimberly Schaefer, the first female Undercover Boss ever on the hit show, now in its second season, got her hands dirty as she worked at an indoor water park for one of her Great Wolf Lodge properties.

You all remember the horror on her face when her “boss” for the day, Kelly, got an emergency call on his walkie talkie saying there was an “AFR” that sent the two running toward the pool.

We know now that an “AFR,” in layman’s terms, means poop. But what does it stand for? I was left scratching my head wondering just what an “AFR” stood for?

Well, look no further — it’s an acronym for “Accidental Fecal Release.”

That’s a pretty scientific terminology for  dropping the kids off at the pool, no?

Kim got right in there and did her duty cleaning up doodie, but not before she marveled in disgust at the task at hand while water park visitors looked on with curiosity (and plugged noses).

After it was all said and done, went back to her cushy office to presumably change the policy on kids not wearing water diapers in her pools.

Schaefer was later quoted as saying she wants other managers to have the same kind of experience she did.

I doubt the feeling is mutual.

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Photo credit: CBS

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