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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The Johnson Family

October 10, 2010 06:50 PM by Lisa Princ


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is back tonight on ABC bringing us tears of laughter as Ty Pennington brings in a team of comedians to help the Johnson family. This family is known in their community for helping others all while filling their home with love and laughter and now it is their turn to laugh until they cry. Keep reading for all the details!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition kicks off on ABC tonight with the Johnson Family. Eric and Elaine Johnson run a mission marriage organization called Optimum Lifestyle out of their home. As a happily married couple of 15 years, the pair counsel others on marriage as well as hold seminars in the home about marriage and love as they feel there are too many single parents in their community and that if others work at it, they too can have the happiness that this couple shares. Elaine and Eric Johnson live in a poor neighborhood in an extremely dilapidated home with their five daughters. The couple had all intentions of fixing up their home but after hurricane Ike hit and the economy fell through, they had no choice to but to let things go on the home.


Enter Ty Pennington and the design team. Ty learns that this couple no matter how bad things are, finds a way to laugh about life and be happy. Ty and the gang surprise the Johnson family at a local comedy club, and despite the fact that Ty swears this episode will contain no tears, the Johnson family can’t help but cry when they realize they are about to get a new home. As the team tours the Johnson’s home, they are shocked by what they find: holes in the floors, one tiny restroom that is falling apart, one small bedroom for five girls and overall a house that shakes and moves as you walk. But the scariest part of what they found was lying beneath the home as Eric took Ty outside, Ty was horrified to find the rotting wood which was holding the home up and knew it could be only a matter of time before the entire thing collapsed.

Next up on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ty Pennington and the gang send the Johnson family to Paris while they get to work on the home. For the demolition, the gang plans to host a comedy roast prior including numerous comedians such as Paul Rodriguez, Tommy Davidson, and Ralphie May. But this roast does not consist of mocking a person, instead they are mocking this poor excuse for a safe home! After the Johnson family enjoys the comedy skit from France, the team begins tearing down the house and we see the Johnson’s shed a few tears, but are they tears of happiness or sadness?


But the surprises aren’t over yet as Cedric the entertainer is called in to help out with the home and surprise the family. Eric and Elaine are over the moon when they get a call from Ty and Cedric the entertainer, which is who they spent their very first date watching at a comedy club. Cedric lets the couple know that he is sending their five daughters, who love fashion and modeling to a real modeling agency for the evening while he sends Eric and Elaine  out to enjoy a romantic night without the kids! Meanwhile, Ed Sanders brings in supermodel Brooklyn Decker to help him with the girls’ rooms which thrills Paige and the pair immediately get to work on the spectacular new rooms and runway for the girls.

After days of hard work, it is finally time to bring the Johnson family home, and who better to go get them than Cedric the entertainer! After they all chant to move the bus, the Johnson family can’t believe their eyes as they look at their new home, which looks like something straight out of Spain. As they enter the home, they are amazed to see that the girls have their very own modeling runway in the hall just outside of their new rooms, which are just as gorgeous and have a super sized closet full of girl clothes, shoes and accessories. Eric and Elaine Johnson were not forgotten either as they were given a beautiful master suite, which their very own bathroom and spa tub as well as a gourmet kitchen. Ty Pennington then took them downstairs to their new office which just screamed with love for this couple to continue counsels other couples. Then Ty finally told them welcome home and the Johnsons were thrilled that they now had their dream home, but it was also safe for the children!

Be sure to tune in next week for a brand new episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition when the season eleven stars of Dancing With The Stars will be hanging out with Ty Pennington and the team!

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