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The Amazing Race: Michael Melts In the African Heat

October 10, 2010 07:32 PM by Allyson Wells


On the latest episode of The Amazing Race, the teams are still in Africa and must compete in extreme heat, which make Nick cranky and go psycho on his girlfriend and teammate, Vicki.  The elder also Michael has extreme difficulty competing in Ghana, but Phil Keoghan has a wonderful surprise for the team in last place.

The teams are still in the Ghana market from last week.  The teams must travel to nearby Jamestown, famous for boxing, to find their next clue. Kevin notes that it is tough to match the other teams physically since his dad, Michael, is 59.

Brook and Claire are the first to arrive at the boxing academy. They get their first road block clue. The teams are required to have one team member properly wrap their hands and master the training exercises before they get their next clue. An energetic Brook volunteers to do the road block. Brook kisses her trainer after quickly mastering the tape. She finishes and she and Claire head off for their next clue.

Chad and Stephanie arrive and Chad decides to box. Chad laughs that the girls are much better at jump roping than him.  Katie and Rachel are delayed by their cab driver getting lost, but get into the ring. Jill and Thomas are also delayed by their cab driver. Connor and Jonathan sing to their cab driver and ask him to drive faster. Kevin decides to do the road block so Michael won’t get tired.


Nick and Vicki, Nat and Kat and Gary and Mallory are the last to depart. Mallory hopes their bad luck turns around. Nat and Kat become frustrated when they are in last place and have difficulty communicating with their cab driver. They try to ask Katie and Rachel and Chad and Stephanie, who are departing the boxing ring in cabs behind them, for help. Katie remarks, “Dumb doctors.”

Gary rocks the challenge as Mallory cheers him on. Jill is annoyed that they are now behind them. Vicki and Nick leave just as Kat and Nat arrive.

Brook and Claire are annoyed when Jonathan and Connor’s cab passes them on the way to the supply depot for the next clue. They must choose a wheel barrow, fill it with the right supplies, and get an all clear from the foreman for the next clue. Jonathan and Connor quickly complete the challenge. They must then enter a classroom for an African geography quiz. Michael thinks it is silly they can’t even identify the country they are in on a map. They finally identify it and then have to either educate themselves on bicycle parts and roll their rims on a soccer field and back without falling. If not, they can choose language arts with African phrases and symbols and find the correct sequence in a decoder.

Jonathan and Connor pick the language challenge. They quickly decipher the code and must head to the home of Awusa Ntso, which is the pit stop of the race. Jonathan and Connor are the first to make it and Phil informs them they each win $5,000 to spend after the race.


Brook and Claire have to go back to get a second wheel barrow. They pass Michael and Kevin and don’t tell them that they need a second wheel barrow.  Michael and Kevin go all the way before discovering they have to turn around. Katie and Rachel also have to turn around when they don’t get the correct materials.

Nat and Kat’s bad luck continues when their cab has car trouble and they are again the last team to make it to the next roadblock.

Brook and Claire make it to the classroom, as do Gary and Mallory. Mallory is moved by interacting with the children at their outdoor school. Gary and Mallory quickly finish and choose to do the bicycle challenge. Mallory struggles, but her dad cheers her on and she finishes. They end up in second place.

Nick and Vicki have to turn around during the wheel barrow road block. Nick yells at her for her fifth grade reading skills and misreading the directions. Vicki keeps apologizing, but he tells her he doesn’t care and that she has no common sense! He orders her to hurry up.

Brook and Claire finally finish the classroom when Jill and Thomas also finish. Brook and Claire decide to do the word challenge and misread the clue. They dance around with the children before seeing the word decoder on the building. The other teams can’t figure it out, either. Katie and Rachel move on to the bicycle challenge, as do Chad and Stephanie. Chad points out how amazing the children are.

Michael and Kevin finish the classroom, but Michael is super tired. They try to do the decoder challenge.

Vicki and negative Nick head to the bicycle challenge. He continues to put down Vicki and throws his bicycle down. She wonders why he is being so rude. Vicki’s asthma kicks in and she has to take a break. Nick softens to be supportive for her. She finally finishes. Nick feels bad for being so mean to Vicki.

Nat and Kat manage to catch up with everyone to do the decoder key. They decide to quit and do the bicycle challenge, as do Brook and Claire and Jill and Thomas. Michael and Kevin also quit, but Kevin is worried about Michael being able to finish. A faint Michael has to sit down, and Kevin tells him he is proud of him and not to give up. Nat and Kat finish, leaving Michael and Kevin in last place. Michael ends up needing to get medical attention. Michael becomes upset that he has put them in last place. Kevin notes it was painful to watch his dad go through it. Michael gets up and says that no matter how difficult, you should always finish.


Chad and Stephanie finish third. Katie and Rachel finish fourth. Nick and Vicki finish fifth. Brook and Claire finish sixth. They learn they will be coming back to help remodel some of the school for the children. Claire says they would be honored to help the children. Jill and Thomas finish in seventh place.

Nat and Kat get lost, but finally find the marker to the house. Phil informs them they are team eight and still in the race. Michael and Kevin make it to Phil, but he informs them they are the last team. Michael apologizes that his body gave up and he wanted to travel to as many places as he could with his son. Phil informs the jubilant team that this was actually a non-elimination leg of the race and they are still in it! Phil tells them they will have to complete a speed bump in the next leg. Kevin tells his dad that is why they can never give up on The Amazing Race.

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