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Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe Confronts Dwight And New Housewife Cynthia Is Introduced

October 11, 2010 08:12 PM by Sarah_Monson


Hot-lanta heated up quickly on tonight’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo. We finally meet Cynthia, the newest housewife. The ladies find out that Phaedra married an ex-con. Kim gets the biggest opportunity of her career thus far. Kandi gears up to perform her first live show and NeNe breaks down. Can the hour contain all the drama? Read on to find out.

The episode starts with Kim and her personal assistant Sweetie going for a morning jog. She hits the pavement to workout so she can stay smoking hot to keep up her pop star image. I mean, no one wants a fat “Tardy For The Party” girl, right?

This scene might have been boring if not for that fact that Kim is totally lazy and gives up after five minutes and instead crosses a freeway to go ask for a free beers from a convenience store. Though initially turned down, Kim is desperate for airtime really thirsty, so she sends Sweetie in where she finally scores two brewskies which they drink on a park bench like a couple of hobos.

Kandi spends an evening recording a new song with Ne-Yo, a talented producer and multi platinum hit maker. Kandi apparently writes hits for a lot of other pop stars, so now she’s trying to do her own album. Kim and Ne-Yo have an anti-auto tune discussion which is a really think veiled conversation about how Kim can’t sing. Kandi then talks about how she helped Kim on her hit “Tardy For The Party” and how Kim has yet to cough up any money for her efforts.

Later, Sheree meets with her hairdresser Lawrence to help her get ready for a blind date with a doctor. The doc wants to take her dancing, something that Sheree does not do.

“I am a white girl in a black girl body. I have no rhythm.”


Sheree’s date has a car pick her up and takes her to a super sketchy part of town. She meets her date and judges him greatly for the cheap flowers and shady locale. She also hates his laugh but loves his sexy look. They have a nice conversation about kids and then hit the dance floor where Sheree looks like a white girl in a black girl’s body.

Oh yeah, she was smitten. She asked for a second date.

Finally, we meet Cynthia. We learn that Cynthia is a super model from New York who left that life to be with her boyfriend, restaurateur Peter Thomas. He’s pressuring her to marry him, but she’s been engaged three times. After living the high life in NYC for 20 years, she dropped it all for Peter and wants to make Atlanta at fabu as NYC.


The next day, Kim talks to a guy who produces the White Party – which happens to be the largest gay dance party in the entire world with upwards of 10,000 people. He asks if she’ll perform her hit “auto” tune in front of the largest crowd she’s ever seen. One that, in the past, Lady Gaga, J-Lo and Ke$ha have performed for. What a bummer to the crowd expecting someone like that this year, no!?

The real Oscar worthy moment of this episode occurs when NeNe’s loafer son Brice comes over and asks his mom if he can come live at home again. But you know, without having to get a job, clean or go to school. She gives him a mouthful about what a lazy kid he is and tells the story about how he got arrested while visiting his friend in jail because he had weed on him!

NeNe breaks down trying to explain to Brice how much his actions hurt her. He doesn’t seem to get it, though, and NeNe loses her mind when Brice tells her that she’s too strict. NeNe then gives the speech to end all speeches. In the end, they agree that Brice will stay for 90 days so he can get his act together. Let’s hope it sticks.

That night, Kandi takes the stage for her big show. Lawrence, Sheree, Kim and NeNe are all on hand, gabbing, drinking and just being fabulous.
Then Dwight, Phaedra and Apollo arrive and take a seat near the clique. Sheree and Dwight are on the outs. Dwight and NeNe are on the outs. How will this night end?

Lawrence and Apollo wave at each other and when asked how they know each other, Lawrence says, casually, “Oh, I met him right after he got out of prison.”

The ladies freak out and start speculating about what he did.

Phaedra, always looking out for her client, Dwight, kept worrying that he might get jumped by the housewife “heifers” beside him.


NeNe finally asks Dwight if they can talk, to which he reluctantly agrees. She takes him to a private room to hash things out. NeNe apologizes for her behavior, but says that Dwight is her friend, not Greg’s. They kiss, hug for way too long, and after a good cry, make up. NeNe makes it clear though, that while she can forgive, she will never forget.

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