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Survivor: Nicaragua — Tribal Swap Coming

October 11, 2010 08:00 AM by Ryan Haidet


Survivor: Nicaragua started with 20 contestants divided into two tribes based on age.  One tribe, La Flor, consisted of players ages 30 and younger.  The other tribe, Espada, featured castaways ages 40 and older.  After just four weeks, a surprise twist strikes bringing the battle of young versus old to an end.  Drop your buffs!

A CBS press release confirms the clash of the ages is done in this week’s episode when a swap is held creating two newly divided tribes.  This is nothing new.  Fans of the show are very familiar with this twist since it happened for the first time during Survivor: Africa (season three).

CBS also teases this twist in the game causes some castaways to struggle making new alliances while others push forward to claim a leadership role.

Tribal swaps are always fun, but to kill this season’s big twist so quickly makes this season’s premise almost worthless.  It reminds me of all the hype surrounding Survivor: Cook Islands when the tribes were divided based on ethnicity only to be mixed up after a few episodes.  Did producers only think the tribal divisions were good enough for a short time?  Or were they just tired of watching the old folks get taken to the cleaners in nearly every challenge?

The good thing with this tribal swap is that we will finally get to learn a bit more about some of the other younger personalities.  Benry.  Kelly S.  Sash.  They’ve been dissolved into the background thus far since so much time was dedicated to Espada going to Tribal Council.  Maybe now we will get to see what they bring to the game.

16 contestants remain.


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