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The Biggest Loser: Temptations Are Offered And Red Lines Are Drawn

October 12, 2010 07:45 PM by Lori Wilson


This week on The Biggest Loser, emotions run high as two contestants go home, Chef Curtis Stone stops by and the competition grows.

To kick things off, Alison Sweeney greets the contestants with hundreds of cupcakes in the courtyard. She tells them two people will be going home this week, as there will be a yellow line and a red line. Whoever falls below the red line, which will be the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss, will leave immediately – no one will be able to save them. Those below the yellow line will go on to the elimination challenge. As for the tempting desserts surrounding them, she explains there is a yellow disc under one cupcake, which, if found, will give that person a one pound advantage. Every week they hold on to it, they continue to rack up the advantageous pounds.

The contestants are instructed to eat every cupcake they pick up that doesn’t doesn’t have the disc under it. Some contestants opt not to add on the extra calories and don’t participate. Clues are given along the way and Rick and Adam are the front runners, but Adam edges him out and picks the right cupcake. With the yellow disc advantage coupled with his impressive workout efforts, Adam finds himself with a target on his back.

Celebrity Apprentice‘s Chef Curtis Stone joins the group to teach them ways to keep their diet under control when they get home. He explains that he made one of the cupcakes, which was only 100 calories, and he will teaches them how to modify desserts to make them healthier.


Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels arrive and learn about the cupcake temptation challenge, the red line and the yellow disc. They are uncharacteristically understanding upon learning that people participated in the challenge in order to get that disc for an edge, but they are frustrated with the temptation challenges themselves. Everyone is obsessed with not landing below the red line, which makes the work out a bit more intense and stressful.

At the weigh in, Mark loses 8 pounds, Elizabeth loses 6 pounds, Patrick loses 10 pounds, Lisa loses 7 pounds, Aaron loses 12 pounds, Rick loses 9 pounds, Burgundy loses 5 pounds, Ada loses 10 pounds, Jessica loses 7 pounds, Brendan loses 11 pounds, Frado loses 20 pounds, Adam (who decides to hold onto the disc and not utilize the extra lost pound just yet) loses 10 pounds and Sofia only drops 2 pounds. This puts Sofia below the red line, so she is automatically sent home. Frado lands at the top of the board so he gets to decide who to save this week.

The next day, Bob takes Ada, Frado and Rick to Subway for breakfast in order to help them learn some healthy food options. Back in the gym, Jillian gets annoyed with Ada for saying she hasn’t had an emotional breakthrough, despite losing 10 pounds, so she rides her during her workout. Jillian makes her admit she feels like a failure, which stems from an incident in her childhood when her brother drowned and her parents blamed her. Meanwhile, Bob gets irritated with the women who have consistently landed below the yellow line. He gathers all those facing elimination and, for the first time ever, brings them to his house to show them how he eats, which is completely vegan.


At the elimination challenge, Burgundy is pulled due to an injury and will automatically be in danger of getting sent home. Frado decides to save Jessica, leaving four contestants to compete, which involves unrolling a massive amount of carpet and then running back. Elizabeth finishes last so she will be up for elimination along with Burgundy.

Ultimately, Burgundy is sent home and told she is not The Biggest Loser. Once Burgundy leaves, the remaining contestants are informed they are getting additional competitors in the form of those who didn’t make this season’s original cut. They will be introduced next week.

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