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America’s Next Top Model: Famed Patrick Demarchelier Shoots The Models On Rodeo Drive

October 13, 2010 06:36 PM by Allyson Wells


On America’s Next Top Model, the models must act as a spokesperson for Cover Girl for a challenge.  They are then shot on Rodeo Drive by the famed Patrick Demarchelier, with their makeup and accessories done by Lori Goldstein.  Tyra Banks watches the shoot and tries to give the models instruction.  Ann cries about how weird and awkward she is, but will she still win top photo? 

On the bus, the girls discuss the last elimination.  Ann admits her confidence is really high after getting top photo four times in a row.  Ann cries that she feels pretty now.  Chelsey feels like she can’t breathe and wants to get top photo.

Back at the house, Tyra mail comes in the form of a big pink bag.  All the models are split into groups to work on a smokey eye campaign for Cover Girl.  Ann, Kendal and Jane are in group one together.  Ann reveals she is very quiet, so it’s hard to work with others.  Kacey, Kayla and Esther are in a group two together.  Kacey wishes she could work solo.  Liz, Chris and Chelsey get to work quickly and are excited about their group three. 

The next morning the girls arrive at Walmart, where Nigel is waiting on them.  He explains they will show the public what it is like to be a cover girl and make a good impression on the public.  They must pay attention to marketing as well and try and explain and sell Cover Girl’s Smokey Eye Product.  The winning group gets to go on a Cover Girl shopping spree.  The girls all get to work.  Ann again complains about how shy she is and how being tall makes her even more shy.  The other models notice how uncomfortable Ann is. 

Group one is quiet, group two is very outgoing, and group three is dominated by the overpowering Chris.  Fashion author Derek Blasberg enters and reveals he was in the audience evaluating them.  Nigel informs them he is going to interview the audience and the models will get to hear the feedback by watching on the television monitor.  Ann wonders what people will say about her behind her back.

Some of the comments from the public:  Ann was quiet but not comfortable in the group setting.  Derek agrees she was like a mannequin and not present.  Kayla was introducing the sporty side of the product and the audience liked it.  Kacey seemed nice and approachable.  Chris was overpowering and talked over everybody.  Derek agrees she needs to not try to steal the spotlight.  Nigel returns and reveals that the crowd gave them scores as well.  He reveals Ann had the lowest score and she needs to be more personable.  Nigel reveals Group 2 won and that Kacey had the highest score of all the models.  Kacey thinks she redeemed herself, but Liz notes that Kacey was just plain loud.  Kacey, Kayla and Esther go on their shopping spree and decorate their faces.  Nigel likes Esther’s makeup the best and presents her with a Walmart gift card.

Back at the house, the Tyra mail reveals that they will be walking down a walk of fame.  Ann is bummed that she’s so awkward and weird in person.  The girls are very excited to go to Rodeo Drive for their next challenge.  Jay is waiting on the models and reveals they will be working with one of the top fashion stylists, Lori Goldstein.  Top photographer Patrick Demarchelier will be shooting them.  Jay explains they will be shot with one other girl model and a guy model.  All the girls are pumped to be working with Patrick.


Jay asks the models to come into the Verde trailer to get their photo assignments.  Jay reveals that Chris will be shooting alone, Liz and Kendal will shoot together, Kayla and Esther will shoot together, Jane and Kacey will shoot together, and finally Chelsey and Ann.  Chelsey is annoyed to be paired with Ann.  Chelsey thinks because Ann has been so dominating, she will not stand out at all.

Right before shooting starts, Tyra Banks arrives to watch.  Jane and Kacey are up first.  Patrick tells Kacey to relax.  Kacey thinks Jane is big competition because she’s so beautiful.  Patrick tells Kacey to wake up and Jay wonders why Kacey is so flat.  Tyra shows the girls how it’s done.  Patrick jokes that Tyra is going to win the competition. 


Chelsey and Ann are next. Ann is unsettled by the crowd.  Jay notes how stiff Ann looks.  Tyra tells them to create movement.  Jay tells Chelsey she’s being nervous, too.  Tyra tells Chelsey she is too self-conscious.  Chelsey admits Patrick is making her nervous.  Kayla and Esther are next.  Kayla says her shoes are too small, but tries to hang in there.  Lori thinks Esther was amazing in front of the camera.  Patrick tries to give Kayla instructions, but she has a hard time understanding him.  Liz and Kendal are next.  Kendal is having a great time with the shoot and Jay thinks she looks like Carrie from Sex and the City.  Jay thinks Liz looked invisible.  Chris arrives alone and everyone thinks she has amazing energy and natural chemistry.  Chris is thrilled she was pleasing everyone and admits she felt like a diva.


After the shoot, the models all head to panel for their judging session, with Patrick as a guest judge.  Tyra is so thrilled that Patrick was able to be with them.  Liz and Kendal’s group shot is first.  Nigel admits that Kendal stole the photo. The judges love Kendal’s individual shot.  Liz’s photo isn’t as good, and they think she was making fun of the project and not committing to it.

Esther and Kendal are judged next.  The judges love Esther’s shot, but think Kayla looks sad and in pain.  Tyra reminds them that modeling is not about them. The judges love Esther’s individual shot.  They have mixed reviews on Kayla’s shot. 

Jane and Kacey are judged next.  The judges think Jane looks amazing and wonderful, but that Kacey looks separate from the photo.  The judges love Jane’s individual photo as well.  The judges don’t like Kacey’s individual shot at all and wonder where her personality went.

Ann and Chelsey are up next.  Surprisingly, Nigel loves their group shot the best.  Tyra can’t believe it came out so well because Ann looked so awkward during the shot.  Tyra reenacts how silly Ann looked during the shoot.  Nigel reminds Ann she needs to work out her personality issues.  Of course, the judges think Ann’s individual photo is brilliant.  The judges also love Chelsey’s shot, even though they dont’ think it is as high fashion as Ann’s.  Ann admits Patrick made her nervous because he is her superhero.


Lastly, Chris is up.  All of the judges think her shot is adorable, except for Andre.  He thinks the zing was missing.  They all love her walking shot, but Patrick thinks she needs less smile.

The judges deliberate and they look at extra beauty shots.  Liz redeems herself in the beauty shot.  They love Kendal, but worry about booking her.  Patrick thinks Esther is shy.  The judges worry about how stiff Kayla looks.  They love Jane’s group shot, but her individual looks nervous.  They think the opposite of Kacey and point out that her eyes look lifeless.  Tyra reminds them that she is a good spokesperson.  Of course, they love Ann’s shot but worry about her shyness.  The judges think that Chelsey is improving.  The judges think Chris did great and had a lot of energy, but she is more Teen Vogue than Italian Vogue.

The models return for the verdict.  Tyra reveals that Ann wins best photo yet again.  She then reveals that Jane was runner-up.  Kendal, Esther, Chris, Chelsey, and Liz are all revealed as safe.  Kayla and a suddenly not so confident Kacey are in the bottom two.  Tyra notes that both girls are beautiful, but there was a disconnect in all of their photos.  Tyra tells Kayla she gets to stay, but modeling is pain and can uncomfortable and she needs to be stronger. 

Kacey breaks down into tears and sobs in Tyra’s arms.  Tyra tells her she needs more time and practice before she’s ready for international.  Kacey hugs all of the models good-bye.  She cries that she really thought this might be her chance and will never get over leaving America’s Next Top Model.

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