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Survivor: Nicaragua — Twist Creates New Tribes

October 13, 2010 06:47 PM by Ryan Haidet


The big twist on Survivor: Nicaragua of young versus old is already over.  After just 12 days competing based on age, a tribal swap struck as the members of Espada and La Flor were mixed up creating a whole new dynamic — especially with Marty who did one of the most arrogant moves with the hidden Immunity Idol.

A New Start

The twist came as the tribes gathered on the beach for the Reward challenge.  “Drop your buffs,” host Jeff Probst said.  “Young versus old is done.”  The stunned looks on everybody’s faces floored me.  This must be proof that this group of contestants haven’t watched the show much before.  How on earth could they be so surprised by a twist that has been done during multiple previous seasons?

Also with this twist came the demise of the Medallion of Power.  This new element, which was introduced to the game this season, only lasted four episodes?  Why even bother with the twist?  If producers were confident enough to create the idea in the first place I think they should have kept it in the game until the merge.


After a random draw, Brenda and Holly were chosen as team captains.  Brenda had to pick three people from the older tribe to join La Flor while Holly chose four people from the younger tribe to join Espada.  Brenda selected Jane, Jill and Marty; Holly chose Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka.

The Reward challenge featured a Plinko-style game, which Espada easily won.  They took home a pair of chickens and a rooster.  Once they returned to camp, Tyrone quickly explained how things operate at Espada, which some people felt was him trying to control everybody else.  Holly, on the other hand, felt an instant connection with her new tribe mates saying they are just like her own kids.  In a confessional she said that she would be willing to join an alliance with the new tribe members.


Marty’s Arrogance

Over at La Flor, Marty was stunned as Jud explained the dramatic situation that happened surrounding the hidden Immunity Idol between NaOnka and Kelly B.  This sparked Marty to offer up a speech where he said he wanted to play the game with honesty and integrity.  Then he admitted to everybody that he has a hidden Idol.  To prove it, he pulled it out and showed it off to everybody before hanging it in a nearby tree.  “He has a lot of balls,” Brenda said.  “That is the dumbest thing he could have done.  Helloooooo.”


Let me be clear on this.  I think Marty is a great player, but this is a major mistake.  He joined a tribe at a disadvantage because the former La Flor members outnumber the incoming Espada.  Something this cocky is simply an easy excuse to have his torch snuffed.

Cold & Rainy

Back at Espada, the group was suffering through the cold, harsh rain struggling to stay warm.  NaOnka huddled up in the shelter as the wind started going crazy.  “I’m hurting,” she told Alina before admitting she was considering quitting.  Tears started flowing down her face, which Alina thought was slightly ridiculous.  In a confessional Alina said NaOnka is the type of person who acts like she is on her period all the time.


The next morning the tribes arrived at the Immunity Challenge.  And for once it was something entertaining to watch.  Three members of each tribe were strapped to a large wheel as three others spin the wheel around.  With each revolution, the castaways attached to the wheel were submerged in water, which they had to collect in their mouth and then spit into a container.


The first tribe to fill the container would release a ball the remaining tribe mates had to use to break five tiles.  Espada released their ball first, but La Flor caught up by the end of the challenge and wound up winning Immunity.

Who Is Hungry?

With Tribal Council looming, the Espada tribe was craving food — they wanted to scarf down one of the chickens, which Tyrone immediately disagreed with.  But his opinion was squashed after they held an impromptu vote and Chase killed the chicken.  After it was cooked, everybody took a fair portion — except for Tyrone.  The guy who didn’t want to kill the chicken ate most of it.

At Tribal Council, Tyrone’s pushy leadership qualities were discussed as Alina said she felt like he was treating everybody like children.  As far as NaOnka, she said the rough weather is the hardest thing she has ever faced — second to her divorce.  But her desire to give up wasn’t fulfilled as Tyrone was easily eliminated from the competition.

15 contestants remain.


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