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The Amazing Race: Princeton Grads Jonathan And Connor Can’t Identify The Country They Are In

October 13, 2010 11:30 AM by Allyson Wells


The Amazing Race may have unwittingly settled a debate on which Ivy League school is the best.  On the latest episode of The Amazing Race, the teams were in Ghana, Africa and were presented with a geography challenge.  Embarrassingly, many of the teams struggled to identify African countries, including the very one in which they were in!  The children in the classroom all laughed as the teams plundered their way throughout the challenge.  Interestingly enough, the winning team of Jonathan and Connor are Ivy League Princeton graduates!

Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz graduated from Princeton in 2010.  Although they finished first place in the latest leg of the race, they failed to identify Ghana on a map on four different tries.  Jonathan got it right on the fifth try.  Connor laughed about their struggle and said, “Our friends in Princeton are probably going to grill us for that.  Princeton is a good school.  I swear.”  Jonathan teased, “There’s an African studies major.”

After coming in first, Jonathan and Connor were each awarded $5,000 to use after the race is over.  They joked with host, Phil Keogahn, that they would buy a map of Africa with some of the money.

The college friends often sing during the show.  Connor was a psychology major at Princeton and also served as class president.  Jonathan was a sociology major.  While all contestants must sign agreements not to discuss the show’s progress or outcome, it has been reported that both students skipped their graduation ceremonies.  This could could be because they were still filming the show!  We’ll have to wait until the season finale of The Amazing Race to find out if this singing duo makes it all the way.

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