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Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Pastry Chefs Tackle Fashion

October 13, 2010 08:40 PM by Lori Wilson


Week 5 of Top Chef: Just Desserts borrows from Project Runway, as the pastry chefs must create edible fashion. But first, they are faced with whipping up a challenging soufflé, as well as impressing Executive Pastry Chef for Wolfgang Puck Sherry Yard. And, oh, yeah, the chefs are given extra incentive for winning the latest challenge.

At the Quickfire Challenge, Sherry Yard is introduced as the guest judge, who will be critiquing the pastry chefs’ soufflés. The chefs have one hour to create something fabulous out of this delicate dessert. Zac doesn’t like souffles because they are too light and airy so he goes against the grain and creates a soufflé glacé, which means it’s frozen. Meanwhile, most of the other chefs create something traditional out of chocolate.

During the judging portion of the Quickfire, Sherry Yard reveals her least favorite soufflés belong to Erika, because hers is too sweet, Zac, because his doesn’t have enough air (a requirement for a soufflé) and Heather H, because hers lacks flavor. Her favorite soufflés belong to Morgan, Yigit and Danielle. Ultimately, the win goes to Yigit, who is the victor of the Quickfire challenge.


In the spirit of L.A. Fashion Week, the elimination challenge requires the chefs make edible fashion, which causes Zac to become giddy, as he has made five chocolate dresses before, leading him to believe he has it in the bag. A table of sexy high heeled shoes are brought out and each chef gets the opportunity to pick a pair which will be the starting point for their design. They are told they must also create petit fours as accessories and they run off to Albertson’s with $200 to shop.

Back in the kitchen, Morgan is overly excited about the sexy red shoes he has chosen, while Eric feels out of his comfort zone creating fashion. Zac remains confident he will rock this challenge, while Heather C. is also uncomfortable creating fashion, as she was a jock in high school. Morgan gets cocky and finishes early, but none of the other chefs seem impressed by his design or by his enamored attitude towards his creation. The tension from last week continues to boil, as Heather H. feels disrespected by Morgan constantly calling women “honey” and “babe.”

Johnny enters the Top Chef: Just Desserts kitchen to tell the pastry chefs there’s a twist to this week’s challenge: the winner of the elimination challenge will receive $20,000. This pumps the contestants up and Johnny hopes it will give them even added incentive to do well.


During the judging, the dresses are set up around a room as fashion reporters and the judges mingle and enjoy the petit fours that accompany each chefs’ design. Most of the dresses seem to be made with some form of chocolate, but Johnny is puzzled by two chefs who make their dresses with vegetables: Danielle and Heather C. He reiterates this competition is called Top Chef: Just Desserts, not Top Chef: Vegetables.

After the judges deliberate, Yigit, Zac and Morgan are called to the Judges’ Table first and told they did the best job. The judges loved all the three dresses, but Morgan wins the challenge and the $20,000, as he delivered an “amazing combination of creative, technique and flavor.” Back in the stew room, Zac can’t believe a straight man from Texas beat him.

Heather C, Eric and Danielle are summoned next and told their designs were their least favorites. Johnny brings Heather C. and Danielle to task for not using any pastry in their dresses and Eric is chastised for the overall mess of his cookie dress. In the end Heather C. is sent home for a second time.

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