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Undercover Boss: CEO of Republic Airways To Be Featured On This Week’s Episode

October 14, 2010 02:00 PM by Sarah_Monson


Undercover Boss flies the friendly skies on this week’s hit CBS show. Bryan Bedford, chief executive of Frontier Airlines parent company, Republic Airways, went under cover as Richard, sporting a bad hairpiece, dorky glasses and a smile.

“The disguise was significant. I’m follicle-y challenged,” Bedford said. “I wore a wig and some sort of very dorky-looking glasses and grew some facial hair.”

On Undercover Boss, Bryan tested out a job as a flight attendant on one of his planes, which involved cleaning the airplanes, handling bags and talking with passengers.

He said he did the show as a way to find out what employees thought and to see how things were really working during a recent merger of the company that has ruffled some internal feathers.

“I heard that our employees want this airline to succeed, and they have good ideas on how to succeed,” Bedford said, “but they think management is not listening.”

I bet they are now! After Bedford worked tough jobs in catering, aircraft cleaning and on the ramp in what he described as 120 degree heat (even more under that awful toupee), you can be sure he’s got his finger on the pulse of how his lower level employees feel now.

One thing’s for sure, he’ll never forget that toupee.

“The first couple of days,” he said, “I was nervous about the thing blowing off by a blast of a jet or being sucked into an engine or flying across the ramp.”

Tune in Sunday to see how his hair holds up on Undercover Boss at 8/9 central.

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Photos Courtesy of CBS

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