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Undercover Boss: Republic Airways CEO Learned Valuable Lessons

October 15, 2010 08:00 AM by Sarah_Monson


CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss hits the sky on this week’s episode, featuring Bryan Bedford, the CEO of Frontier Airlines parent company Republic Airways. The practically bald CEO had to wear a toupee, put on a flight attendant’s uniform, and hit the ground running. And in the process, like other CEO’s in the past, he learned a thing or two about himself. Keep reading to find out more!

Being featured on Undercover Boss hasn’t been the only thing keeping Republic Airways in the news these days. And that has been a major source of stress for this CEO. Not only has Bryan Bedford’s company been cutting pay after merging Midwest and Frontier Airlines, they were criticized for cheating its employees, too. Now, a group of former Midwest flight attendants actually have a lawsuit pending in federal court over that issue.

Uh oh! What the CEO to do!?

Go undercover and find out what makes his employees tick, naturally!

“We all understand that unemployment is high, that credit is tight, but that’s really impersonal,” Bedford said. “When you’re actually working with people, and hearing about spouses who have been unemployed for 18 months … it really brings it home about your co-workers, and how they’re struggling.”

Bedford received other lessons during his undercover gig, too. When he discovered that employees didn’t think that management was listening to them, he decided he wants more personal contact between workers and managers, including small meetings where “we have a real conversation.”

This is good news for future passengers on Frontier flights.

Why, you ask? Well, apparently there was recently a major cookie issue recently, where a lot of the signature cookies served on some flights were being served crushed –  a big no no!

Bedford said this was because not enough time had been spent training the flight attendants on when and how to serve the cookies. How about ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

Since the show, the cookie crisis has been solved, and, wait for it… ovens are being installed on Frontier air crafts so the cookies can be served warm!

Thank you Undercover Boss !

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Photos Courtesy of CBS

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