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America’s Next Top Model: Kacey Speaks Out On Her Elimination

October 16, 2010 11:00 AM by Allyson Wells


On the latest episode of America’s Next Top Model, Kacey was eliminated.  Her elimination was shocking because she won the Cover Girl spokesperson challenge.  However, in her shoot with Patrick Demarchelier, Kacey was unable to insert herself into a group shot and made it seem as though the shoot was more about herself.  The judges ended up eliminating Kacey because they felt like she couldn’t commit to her photos.  Here’s what Kacey had to say about her experience on America’s Next Top Model, what she thinks of Ann’s domination, and what is up next for her.

Question: You were a contestant on cycle 11 and did not make it into the house. What would you say was different for you about the casting process between cycle 11 and now?
Answer: This time, I was way more comfortable, and I was way more confident in who I am, and I just wasn’t as confident the last time. That would be the only difference, really.

Question:One of the male models, Shaw, was someone you went to school with in Palmdale, and the girls made comments that you were flirting with him a lot. What did your boyfriend think when he saw your interaction with Shaw on the show?
Answer:Actually, I didn’t go to school with him; he went to Palmdale High with my sister, so I knew of him. My boyfriend was a little sour about what he saw on the show, he wasn’t too happy, but I reassured him that it was nothing serious, and it was nothing to be blown up at all. I thought he was cute, he thought I was cute, and that’s all it was. The girls made it seem like it was more than that.

Question: On the show, it seemed that just about every girl in the house had an issue with you. Were there girls that you did get along with, and if not, how did the dynamic of the house affect how you felt in the competition?
Answer: For the most part, the girls were all on one side, and no one was on my side, but I did talk to the girls. I think the show portrayed me as a complete outcast, which I wasn’t. I talk to Esther, Jane, Kayla, and I was even cool with Chris, but along the way everyone just kind of went their own way. You always want to have at least one person on your side, but it made me not afraid to stand alone. I wasn’t looking for a companion or to be accepted; it’s a competition, so only one person is going to win. At the end of the day, it wasn’t a problem to be on my own.

Question: Give us some behind the scenes info: Is there anything that did not air on the show that you wish had?
Answer: I wish the whole thing with Lexie at casting had showed; they didn’t show that Lexie did agree to talk about our issues on camera. Also the other fight in the house with the girls, they only showed the very beginning and the very end. I wish they’d shown the entire fight; all the girls actually hugged and were cool after that.

Question:  What is your take on Ann’s monopoly on the best photos this season?
Answer:  She deserves it. I mean, if she’s producing the best photos, then heck yeah, she deserves it. But also, I’ll be honest and say, part of me does believe that she is getting best photo half because she’s producing the best pictures, and half because they’re trying to put some confidence in her. That girl, she really doesn’t know what she has. She’s such a good model, effortlessly, but she’s so down on herself that I think they’re trying to instill some confidence in her, like, “Girl, you have it.”

Question:  Were you surprised by your elimination?
Answer:  Oh my gosh, I was so surprised. I know my photo shoot, it definitely wasn’t my best one. But just considering the fact that I had won the challenges, especially that Covergirl challenge, I definitely thought that was going to save me and be a cushion to fall on. So to know that it just didn’t even matter, really, that I won, it was surprising and shocking.

Question: Tyra Banks gave you the advice that you needed time to develop, and weren’t really ready for international work. How do you feel about that statement?
Answer: I kinda felt like, since I won the runway challenge and the cover girl challenge, that I was ready and was as ready as I’ll ever be, but any model and any person has room to grow and to practice, and I’m going to use this as practice. But it was confusing, because I did feel that I had what it took, but to say bluntly that I wasn’t ready… I felt there were girls in the house that were less ready than I was.

Question: What’s coming up next for you?
Answer: I’m definitely gonna continue with modeling, and I’m also interested in commercial work and anything that deals with entertaining…anything in the entertainment world, you’ll see me doing.

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