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The Biggest Loser: Jillian Michaels Fights Back After Being Called A Fraud

October 16, 2010 04:00 PM by Lisa Princ


For those of you who have seen her intense workouts on The Biggest Loser on NBC, trainer Jillian Michaels was recently accused of being a fraud by the LA Times. Jillian has her own words for them though as she fights back to this ridiculous accusation. Keep reading for all the details!

NBC’s The Biggest Loser trainer, Jillian Michaels is probably one of the most intense trainers most of us have ever seen. So how is it that someone from the LA Times can accuse her of being a fraud? Apparently a writer for the LA times called Jillian “an actress playing the role of a fitness trainer.” and Jillian Michaels is not happy about it. Jillian recently sat down with US Magazine to talk about the accusation where she stated “Shame on the Los Angeles Times for saying I’m a fraud and not a trainer. I currently own two certifications, one of which doesn’t expire. I developed my own continuing education program for trainers, with sports medicine doctors. I’ve been a trainer since I was 17-years old for 19 years.”

Among the accusations in the article, James S. Fell, a certified health expert from Canada says “Michaels’ techniques are shoddy and her routines unsafe.” But don’t you worry Jillian Michael fans, she is not taking any of the accusations lightly and may be even be taking legal action against the newpaper for defamation as she goes on to tell US Magazine “I’m going after them. They didn’t do any of their homework. They flat-out lied. It’s defamation, it’s libel, it’s full-on.” Personally, I would love to have Jillian Michaels training me and I think the accusations are ridiculous. Hold your head high Jillian, all of your fans love and support you! What do you think of these silly accusations? Comment and let us know!

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