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The Amazing Race: From The African Desert To The Arctic Of Sweden

October 17, 2010 06:50 PM by Allyson Wells


This week on The Amazing Race, the teams get to leave the sweltering heat of Ghana, Africa and head to a completely opposite climate in icy cold Sweden.  Connor and Jonathan get to leave first, and will this give them an advantage?  Michael and Kevin must complete an extra task since they came in last in the previous leg of the race.  Will this keep them in last place and eliminating them from The Amazing Race?

Phil explains that in a rural homestead in Ghana, Africa, the nine remaining teams will help renovate a school.  Afterwards, Connor and Jonathan get to depart first for the Arctic Circle and head to Kiruna, Sweden, which is the Swedish flatland.  From there, they most go to the world famous Ice Hotel for their next clue.

Jonathan notes that he and Connor are missing their college graduation to stay in the race.  Gary and Mallory depart next, followed by Chad and Stephanie.  Stephanie complains that she hates snow.  Katie and Rachel are excited to go to Sweden because Katie is half-Swedish, although the only thing she can say is “dumb.”  Brook and Claire are ready for the ice, but laugh about having to wear more clothes.  Jill and Thomas still have the express pass, but want to hang onto it. 

Michael and Kevin must hurry since they have to complete a speed bump, because they were last.  Michael and Kevin confide in Gary and Mallory that they found earlier flights.  They are pumped when they get on earlier flights.  Nat and Kat try to find earlier flights and are successful and share their information with Brook and Claire.  Michael and Connor check on earlier flights, too, but are informed that the flights are all booked.  In Frankfurt, the teams on the earlier flights race to catch their connecting flights.  Michael and Kevin get held up on an elevator, but make their flight.

In Kiruna, Sweden, the teams are happy to be in a different climate.  Inside the Ice Hotel, the teams must evaluate their clue and head for a lodge.  Michael and Kevin get their speed bump.  They must sit on blocks of ice for ten minutes.  Kevin jokes he is in his soccer shorts and Michael wished they had the chairs in Ghana when they were so hot.  They finish the task and head off for the lodge.

Michael and Kevin actually get to the clue box first.  They must take snow dogs out on a summer training sled and snatch five different flags, and lead them back to the start of the course. Michael does the challenge for the team and has a great time.  Mallory and Claire also have a great time representing their teams.  Mallory has to do a penalty lap for missing a flag.

The second flight lands and the remaining teams quickly take off.  Chad and Stephanie realize they are in last place.  After quickly hitting the Ice Hotel, they take off for dog sled road block.  Thomas yells at Jill to hurry up as they get lost and run aimlessly through the woods.  They end up going back the way they came and finally get to the dog sled challenge.  Chad notes that since Jill and Thomas have the express pass, they could be in last place.

Michael and Kevin get the next clue to drive through the countryside to the train station.  They learn they can choose between:  sledding on extreme bikes down a difficult course in under two minutes OR visit Scandinavian descendants and build a traditional tent.  Kevin wishes he could do the sled but is worried Michael can’t, so they do the tent.  They are relieved when they get approval from the natives and quickly take off.

Nat and Kat choose the sled challenge.  They explain how fast and sharp the turns were, but that it was a lot of fun even though Kat fell over the edge and got stuck.  Gary and Mallory are up next.  They quickly complete their challenge, but are informed that they missed the time by one second.  Nat and Kat finish and quickly head for the Norwegian border, which is the finish line.  Brook and Claire take off, as Gary and Mallory are on their second run.  They all complete the sled challenge.

Nat and Kat are the first to arrive at the border and are in first place and win a trip to Belize.  Nat says they are a team to be reckoned with.  Gary and Mallory are second and Brooke and Claire come in third.  Michael and Kevin are relieved to be in fourth place.


Connor and Jonathan take off on the sleds, but fall all over the course.  They have to do it a second time.  Stephanie is extremely nervous by the course, and Chad goes ahead of her so she will feel better.  Stephanie can’t control her sled and keeps falling off.  Chad gets frustrated with her and says, “Don’t even try or anything.”  Stephanie tells Chad she is done and begins to cry as they head to do the tent.  Chad is relieved he was a boy scout and the experience should help him.  Jonathan and Connor continue to fall all over the course.


Jill and Thomas go to build a tent and think it could take awhile.  Jill doesn’t want to get eliminated without using the express pass.  They end up using the pass to make up for lost time and bypass the challenge and come in fifth place. 

Katie and Rachel struggle on their sleds and crash, while Nick and Vicki do great.  Katie and Rachel decide to do the tents, as do Connor and Jonathan.  Chad  and Stephanie are relieved to see two other teams come to do the challenge.  Chad and Stephanie get approval from the natives and take off.  Katie and Rachel have to redo their tent, but quickly figure out what their problem is and remark that they are so much better than Jonathan and Connor.  Connor tells Jonathan not to give up and they quickly take off for the pit stop.  


Nick and Vicki finish in sixth place.  Chad and Stephanie come in seventh place.  Stephanie is happy she didn’t mess things up for them.  The last two teams, Connor and Jonathan and Katie and Rachel race to get to the finish line.  Katie and Rachel make it to the finish line first.  Jonathan and Connor sing the Pomp and Circumstance graduation song to the finish line.  Phil informs them they are last, but they claim it was an incredible experience and the race was a nice ending to an incredible adventure.  I was sorry to see the two go, especially knowing they missed their graduation.  However, they had incredibly positive attitudes and loved the experience, which is what The Amazing Race is all about.

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