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Undercover Boss: Choice Hotel Featured On Show Goes Into Foreclosure

October 17, 2010 12:30 PM by Sarah_Monson


The hit show Undercover Boss has had its first casualty. It’s common for Bravo to have its stars suffering from embarrassingly public financial woes – in fact, it seems like that’s almost a prerequisite at times! But not the heart tugging Sunday night CBS hit. Unfortunately, tragedy has struck a hotel franchise featured on one of the episodes.

On the season two premiere of Undercover Boss, Steve Joyce went undercover to check out how his hotels were holding up. He visited, among others, an Orlando hotel that seemed to have seen better days.

Joyce contacted the owner of that hotel to discuss ways to improve the appearance and functionality of the hotel to increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Sadly, it didn’t work, and the hotel has since gone into foreclosure is now set to be sold at a court-ordered auction next month.

The 672-room the hotel is the biggest Econo Lodge in the world. It was apparently already in trouble when production began shooting on its premises, but the hotel’s financial problems were not mentioned on the show. You could just tell by watching, though, that the hotel was in dire straights.

Joyce, posing as a low level employee, discovered that the roof leaked “only when it rains” and that guests were regularly locked out of their rooms because of faulty door handles.

Since the show aired, the hotel replaced the door locks and started replacing the roof, but it couldn’t save the hotel from facing foreclosure.

Hopefully, the new owners will continue making improvements – or maybe Steve Joyce should just go undercover again and kick some CEO butt!

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Photos Courtesy of CBS

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