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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Performs At The White Party In Palm Springs

October 18, 2010 07:39 PM by Sarah_Monson


Tonight’s episode of Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of Atlanta zones in solely on Kim, though the other ladies make brief supporting roles. The show starts with Kim packing for her big White Party in Palm Springs, where she is set perform her hit song, “Tardy For The Party” in front of a crowd of 10,000. Will she kill it or die trying? Keep reading to find out.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Kim running tardy for the party and almost missing her flight for Palm Springs. When she lands in hot and sweaty California, she rents a bright yellow Lamborghini and hits the road to Palm Springs. She has to pee half way there, so pulls off the road to steal more airtime to investigate a nasty bathroom and complain while she pees on the floor and lament about not having a penis.

Kandi on hand and meets Kim in beautiful Palm Springs, where Kim promptly starts ordering the real singer Kandi around by begging her to be her backup singer.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, Nene talks a walk with Brentt and their new Yorkie Playa, to discuss Nene’s older son Bryce. Nene sets the record straight about her son and tells Brentt that his big bro got arrested, but not for gang related activity. She then tells her young son that she will always be there for him and that he should never do anything without consulting her. It was a good talk.


Sheree then, has Dwight and his publicist come over to her house for a bad talk. She confronts him about the rumor he’s been spreading about dropping 30k on her fashion show last year. He claims that yes, he did spend money on things like bad seamstresses and photocopies. Sheree thinks he is full of hooey. Then she says – were not friends, if you had 30k, wouldn’t you get your nose fixed so you can breathe? Ouch.

In the end, she decides to be the bigger nose person and put it behind her.

Over at Cynthia’s, she and her sister talk about Peter’s 50th birthday. He gave his hesitant runaway bride an ultimatum about marrying him by then. Even though he’s great, she doesn’t want to get trapped in a bad relationship like her mom, so she has permanently cold feet.

Phaedra then cooks up some grub with her hubby Apollo. She’s not a natural cook, but she wants to perform her southern wifely duties. Phaedra and Apollo have some folks from their church to discuss the difficulties that can crop up in new relationships. Actually, the conversation just becomes about what a selfish and materialistic person Phaedra is. Apollo likes the simpler things in life, Phaedra likes expensive gifts. They’re hoping the baby will fix these issues. Yeah right.

Back in Palm Springs, Kim is in full on diva mode when her celeb stylist comes by to help her find a slutty outfit to squeeze into. She finally settles on a black tutu dress that will surly cause some nipple popping out action.


Sheree then visits her daughter Tierra at her new apartment. The mom and daughter have a little chat about the responsibilities of being a “wifey.” And then Sheree begs her daughter not to have a baby yet because she’s not ready to be a grandma.

The big day finally arrives and Kim shows up, plastic cup of wine in hand, for rehearsal. She ogles 12 of the hottest guys ever and stumbles through her moves – which frustrates the choreographer. Kim admits that she’s never performed live on stage before. She then gets dressed in her re-tarded outfit in which she looks ridiculous, and of course her boobs just start popping out like mad. Kim starts freaking out, and with only minutes to spare, gets a little more tailoring done on her silly outfit. Just in the nick of time, she walks up the stairs to perform her hit song and actually does a pretty good job – I mean, for not having any talent, that is. Kandi came out too and really played to the crowd, getting them hyped up.


I was kind of bummed that Kim didn’t totally blow it, but I guess all that white wine calmed her down enough to do an adequate job.

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