Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Pastry Chefs Work With One Pan And No Color

October 20, 2010 08:36:52 by Lori Wilson


This week’s Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo challenges the pastry chefs to create a savory dessert using only one pan, as well as a black and white dessert for a big event. The guest judge for week 6 is Michael Laiskonis, executive pastry chef of New York’s Le Bernardin.

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Survivor: Nicaragua — Two Tribal Councils

October 20, 2010 06:58:38 by Ryan Haidet


A double dose of Tribal Council brought big drama with a pair of players getting their torches snuffed on tonight’s Survivor: Nicaragua.  Dan displayed another desire to quit the game as he struggled to deal with the weather, as the La Flor tribe created a great Tribal Council sending one castaway home in a very close vote.

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America’s Next Top Model: Francesco Carrozzini Shoots The Models As Iconic Fashion Designers

October 20, 2010 06:37:46 by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

On America’s Next Top Model, the models all try to step up their game and dethrone Ann from winning her sixth straight best photo of the week.  In the challenge, one model will get to present Grammys during the live broadcast of the Grammys show.  The photo shoot features sought out photographer Francesco Carrozzini and the girls are faced with the task of portraying famous designers.  Some of the models have never even heard of the designers and bomb during their shoot.  Who falls so flat that Tyra Banks eliminates from being America’s Next Top Model?

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Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Sells Pizza

October 20, 2010 04:00:59 by Ryan Haidet


Richard Hatch has been though an interesting journey since he first flashed into the spotlight back in the summer of 2000.  In case you forgot, Hatch won the first $1 million prize on Survivor, competed in the competition a second time for Survivor: All-Stars, wound up behind bars on tax-related charges connected to his reality television winnings and now he’s selling pizzas.  Yup.  Hatch is servin’ up slices!  What is this all about?  Read on to find out…

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The Biggest Loser: Bob Harper’s Tips For Dining Out

October 20, 2010 03:30:28 by Lisa Princ


Just because the contestants of The Biggest Loser on NBC do not get to dine out, that doesn’t mean those of us training at home can’t. In fact, trainer Bob Harper shares some of his best tips for dining out that will not break your weight loss routine! Keep reading for more details!

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Big Brother: Winner Dan Gheesling Proposes To Girlfriend

October 20, 2010 03:00:43 by Allyson Wells


Big Brother10 winner Dan Gheesling scored the $500,000 grand prize when he won the show.  Now he has won a sweeter prize.  Dan recently proposed to his girlfriend and she happily accepted!

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Undercover Boss: Frontier Airlines CEO Makes Huge Announcement

October 20, 2010 02:00:04 by Sarah_Monson


CBS‘s Undercover Boss is a show where a CEO of a major company goes undercover to see what makes his business tick. In the process, the Undercover Boss meets the unsung heroes on the frontline, working hard to make a living, and then, at the end of the show, makes their wildest dreams come true. Be it flying lessons or a free vacation, no one walks away empty handed. Well, the CEO of Frontier Airlines has done his employees one better and made a dream come true for ALL of his employees – not just the ones featured on the hit show.

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American Idol: Jennifer Lopez Loves Her New Role As A Judge

October 20, 2010 01:00:10 by Allyson Wells


New American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez truly has proclaimed that not only does she love her new gig, she also loves everyone on the show.  Jennifer recently appeared on the new CBS talk show called The Talk, and dished on what she thinks about American Idol, her co-stars and the contestants.

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Big Brother: Steven Daigle Arrested After Confrontation With Ex-Boyfriend

October 20, 2010 11:00:25 by Allyson Wells


The Real Housewives of Atlanta apparently bring out the worst in some.  It is being reported that Big Brother10 cast member Steven Daigle was arrested last night after a viewing party of the show.  It’s been an unlucky week for Big Brother stars, as former winner Adam Jasinski is in jail.

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Dancing With The Stars: Florence Henderson Shocked By Elimination

October 20, 2010 10:00:44 by Lisa Princ


If you tuned into the live results show of Dancing With The Stars on ABC last night, you were probably as shocked as most of us that America’s favorite television mom, Florence Henderson was sent home after America voted. No one was more surprised than Florence herself as well as her partner Corky Ballas. Keep reading for more details and hear what the pair had to say after the show!

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