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America’s Next Top Model: Francesco Carrozzini Shoots The Models As Iconic Fashion Designers

October 20, 2010 06:37 PM by Allyson Wells

America's Next Top Model

On America’s Next Top Model, the models all try to step up their game and dethrone Ann from winning her sixth straight best photo of the week.  In the challenge, one model will get to present Grammys during the live broadcast of the Grammys show.  The photo shoot features sought out photographer Francesco Carrozzini and the girls are faced with the task of portraying famous designers.  Some of the models have never even heard of the designers and bomb during their shoot.  Who falls so flat that Tyra Banks eliminates from being America’s Next Top Model?

All the models admit they are very happy that Kacey got eliminated in the previous round and want to celebrate.  The models know Ann is the girl to beat, but think her lack of personality can help give them an edge.  Esther wants to stay true to who she is and discusses some of her Jewish customs.  Chris doesn’t think she could ever be kosher.  Tyra mail arrives and says you must perform a duet to do well solo.  Kayla notes being in the bottom two has motivated her to try harder.

The models arrive at the Grammy Museum and marvel at all the historical artifacts.  Jay introduces them to Neil Portnow, the CEO of the Recording Academy.  He reveals that one of them will be on stage to help hand out the Grammys.  Jay instructs them to pick their partners.  Chelsey is slightly annoyed to be stuck with Ann.  They all have to go shopping and pick clothes for their partners.  Jay will pick the winning team, but Neil will pick the girl that stands out.

Each model tries to explain what their style is and what look they want for themselves.  They go to Chic Little Devil and have ten minutes to put together their entire ensemble.  Kayla picks out the total opposite of what Liz wanted.  Liz is livid, but tries to keep her composure.  Ann thinks the challenge is a nightmare.  She gets Chelsey a size 12 dress when Chelsey is a size 4.  Chelsey tears up, but Ann hopes Chelsey won’t be mad at her.

America's Next Top Model 

Kayla and Liz meet with Jay and Neil first.  Liz explains that she really wanted a dress, but is still happy with the style Kayla picked.  Kendal and Chris enter in what they think are formal and fitting dresses, but Jay thinks they look like they are headed for a club.  Jane and Esther enter and Jane stumbles.  Esther thinks their dresses are classy, and won’t take away from the stars.  Kendal thinks they look like they are going to church.  Chelsey and Ann enter in their dresses and Jay is confused as to why Chelsey isn’t selling her dress with more confidence.  He loves Ann’s ensemble.  Chelsey is so frustrated with Ann because she didn’t take any time or effort to make her look good.  Neil tells Ann that she is too tall and she might look funny on the stage.  Jay announces that Kayla and Liz are the winning team.  Neil chooses Kayla as the winner to be on stage for the Grammys!  Kayla cries tears of joy and Jay wonders why she is crying.  Kayla cries she’s never been accepted because of her sexuality and it means a lot to her.  Liz is mad because she wanted it more than any other girl.

The models return home and Liz decides to drown her sorrows in some alcohol and begins to crawl across the floor.  Chelsey thinks Liz plays the victim very well.  Tyra mail arrives and says that sometimes being labeled can be a good thing.  Liz remarks she must step it up because she doesn’t want to go home.

The next morning, the models arrive at Smashbox Studios.  Jay explains that the fashion business is a business and as a model they should know everything about every designer out there.  The photo shoot will have them portray an iconic fashion designer.  Jay reveals that Rushka Bergman, the fashion editor of Italian vogue, will be assisting.  The very energetic Italian Vogue photographer Franceso Carrozzini will shoot the pictures.  Rushka hands them their modeling assignments.

America's Next Top Model

For the photo shoot, Liz portrays John Galiano.  Jay remarks that she became John and really stepped up her game.  Chelsey portrays Carolina Herrera.  Chelsey takes Francesco’s direction very well.  Chris portrays Betsey Johnson and Jay tells her to be quirky so she jumps in the air.  Francesco loves her energy.  Kendal has to portray Vera Wang.  Kendal struggles and Jay thinks she is blank.  Jay doesn’t think Kendal is passionate about being in the competition.  Kayla is Vivienne Westwood.  Francesco gives her direction, and Kayla responds.  Jane portrays Marc Jacobs.  Francesco notes it was a difficult task for her.  Ann is Alexander Wang and, of course, everyone thinks she is amazing.  Esther is Christophe Decarin and has difficulty being a man.  Jay thinks she is a disappointment.

America's Next Top Model 

Back at the house, Esther believes she got one of the toughest assignments and thinks she might be going home.  Kendal worries that she might be going home,too.

At pre-panel, Tyra jokes with Nigel how nervous she was when he first shot her and she was totally in the nude.  The models arrive for their judging session.  Tyra explains that Francesco is one of the most sought after photographers in the industry.

Kayla is judged first.  Nigel thinks she looks very striking and it’s one of her best shots.  Francesco thinks she wasn’t afraid to express herself.  Tyra loves the fire in her face.  Liz goes next.  The judges think she looks subtle, yet brilliant.  Francesco notes she was convinced she was John Galliano and that is why she succeeded.  Chesley goes next and the judges think she is also stunning and it is her best photograph, but Nigel thinks she needs a bit more charm.  Esther steps up and the judges think she’s a bit over the top rather than being subtle.  Francesco thinks she was missing some of herself in the shot.  Jane is next and the judges are disappointed with the lack of action.  Tyra reminds her that it’s not just fun and games at America’s Next Top Model and they should do their homework better.  Kendal goes next and Francesco thinks she was not taking direction very well.  Tyra fears that she has something blocking her.  Ann is next and, as usual, the judges think she is amazing and unbelievable.  Chris is judged last and the judges love her movement and humor.  Francesco loves her high energy, but reminds her to mix it up sometimes. 

The judges deliberate and think Liz captured something special.  They think Esther didn’t connect to her character.  They are annoyed that Jane was not more aware of who Marc Jacobs was and Kendal didn’t know who Vera Wang was.  They don’t think Kendal was modeling at all.  They all think Ann has superpowers.  Nigel thinks Chris is a sledgehammer of a model, but Andre doubts she is a model.

America's Next Top Model

The models return and Tyra announces that the best photo of the week is Liz.  Liz is thrilled she broke Ann’s streak.  Tyra reveals that Esther and Kendal are in the bottom two.  Tyra thinks it is interesting they are both in the bottom two because Esther had been gaining such momentum, but now the judges are worried she only has one look.  Tyra tells Kendal she has such a rare look, but she’s unsure of herself.  Tyra tells Esther she gets to stay and she has to show the judges that she is not just a beautiful girl with one look and must stand out and be special.  Tyra hugs a tearful Kendal.  Tyra tells her she needs more experience, but believes she has it in her.  Kendal cries that the judges didn’t get how hard she tried and doesn’t know what she will do now that she has been eliminated from being America’s Next Top Model.

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