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Survivor: Nicaragua — Two Tribal Councils

October 20, 2010 06:58 PM by Ryan Haidet


A double dose of Tribal Council brought big drama with a pair of players getting their torches snuffed on tonight’s Survivor: Nicaragua.  Dan displayed another desire to quit the game as he struggled to deal with the weather, as the La Flor tribe created a great Tribal Council sending one castaway home in a very close vote.

An Individual War

The tribes arrived at the challenge when host Jeff Probst dished out another twist.  “Tribal Immunity is not what you’re playing for today,” Probst said.  “Individual Immunity is what you seek.”  They were competing against their own tribemates for individual safety since both teams were being forced to vote somebody out.  Then, the winner from each tribe was the sole person competing for tribal Reward.


This challenge proved to be far from exciting.  The contestants had to dig up three rings from the sand and use a paddle to toss them into a pouch attached to their backside.  Boring.  No drama.  All it looked like was the group trying to toss rings into a portable toilet that had been strapped on their bodies.  Look at the pictures and tell me I’m wrong!  Anyway, Holly won individual Immunity for Espada while Jillian won for La Flor.  In the Reward portion of the challenge, which was a ring toss (?!?!?!?!) Jillian edged out Holly by just one ring.  Jillian’s victory gave La Flor the opportunity to feast on chicken and beef kabobs while listening in at Espada’s Tribal Council.


Mixed Emotions

Back at La Flor’s camp, Brenda thought the worst-case scenario happened.  Jillian with Immunity along with Marty holding the hidden Idol.  Sash thought it would be a good idea to split the votes — three for Marty and three others for Kelly B.  That way they would either flush the Idol out or send Marty packing. Brenda was in on that deal.

Working his strategy, Marty told Jud that he is a grandmaster in chess.  Then he offered Jud a deal to go to the final four with himself, Jillian and Jane.  Jud thought it was nice of Marty to include him in the alliance.  Jud said it all made sense based on the way he’s seen Marty play the game.  Then Marty offered up a deal to take Jud to the final four along with himself, Jane and Jillian.  But later on, Marty admitted in confessional that he was lying about being a grandmaster in chess.


Over at Espada, Benry was hoping to oust Yve in the upcoming Tribal Council saying she’s more of a threat post-merge than Dan.  Not everybody was immediately on board with that decision thinking Dan should be their intended target, and Yve wasn’t going to lay down and die.  She told NaOnka and Alina she isn’t ready to get eliminated when somebody like Dan has repeatedly talked about wanting to quit.   She argued that in a merge she would be more beneficial to the younger players because she knows the members of the original Espada tribe better than anybody.  Although Yve likely thought this was a good thing to say, the comment made Alina think it was just another reason to vote her off.

Idol Games

As Tribal Council loomed, Sash told Jud the plan to flush the Idol from Marty by splitting the votes between he and Kelly B.  But Jud was very open about his dismay with doing that because he likes Marty and wants him to stay.


Once they arrived at Tribal Council, discussion of Marty’s possession of the hidden Idol came up quickly.  Marty argued his move to publicly admit he had the Idol was a gesture of goodwill to show he’s playing an honest game.  But Brenda said it was also a way for Marty to let everybody know he’s a threat in the game.  As the discussion continued, Brenda brought up Marty’s willingness to cut Jane’s throat.  She said that Jane needed to be worried that Marty and Jillian were targeting her, but Marty denied everything she was saying.  He said Jane needs to be more worried about the numbers — five youngsters from the original La Flor against he and Jillian.

As the vote was about to take place, Marty leaned over to Jane and mouthed “Vote Brenda.”  After all of the ballots were placed, Marty chose not to use his hidden Idol, and watched as Probst revealed the votes.  There were two for Brenda, three for Marty and three for Kelly B.  That caused a tie vote.  A re-vote was held as La Flor only had two options this time — voting against either Marty or Kelly B.  This time, the votes slanted in his favor as Kelly B. was eliminated from the competition.  Marty leaned back on his stool and looked at Jillian with a look of relief.


Espada’s Breakdown

La Flor moved over to the jury’s side as Espada came in for their Tribal Coucil.  As the discussion got underway, La Flor celebrated with their food Reward and started chowing down in front of their hungry competitors.  “It is very hard to watch that,” Chase said to Probst.  Moving the focus away from the food, Probst asked Dan what bothers him the most.  Dan quickly responded that nothing bothered him.  But when Yve was brought into the chat, she said lots of things have been bothering Dan because he has mentioned numerous times that he wants to quit.  She then continued to say they need a strong team, and made it obvious Dan is dragging them down.  Dan said Yve was only attacking him because she’s on the chopping block.

And he was right.  After the votes were tallied, Yve became the seventh person voted out of the game.


13 contestants remain.  This includes eight original La Flor members (younger tribe) and five original Espada members (older tribe).

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