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Top Chef: Just Desserts: The Pastry Chefs Work With One Pan And No Color

October 20, 2010 08:36 PM by Lori Wilson


This week’s Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo challenges the pastry chefs to create a savory dessert using only one pan, as well as a black and white dessert for a big event. The guest judge for week 6 is Michael Laiskonis, executive pastry chef of New York’s Le Bernardin.

In the Top Chef: Just Desserts Quickfire Challenge, the pastry chefs are required to create a savory dessert using ingredients such as goat cheese, beets, bacon, chicken and other like ingredients. Another twist is that they can only use one pot, but they can wash it as many times as they like. As the mad dash in the kitchen begins, Morgan becomes very aggressive and elbows Heather in the lip, which of course sets her off.

After judging all the savory desserts, guest judge Michael Laiskonis deems his least favorites come from Danielle, Eric and Heather. His favorites belong to Morgan, Zac and Yigit. Zac ultimately wins and he exclaims he is happy to no longer be the Susan Lucci of Top Chef: Just Desserts. Gail Simmons offers him $1,000 in exchange for immunity. He asks for more. so she offers him $5,000, which he agrees to, but immediately regrets as he is now nervous about the next challenge.

For The Top Chef: Just Desserts elimination challenge, the pastry chefs learn they must create black and white desserts for an L.A. Times 128th Anniversary event. While most of the chefs freak out about not being able to use color, Eric, who is usually in the bottom, feels confident because he is comfortable with that color palatte.


The chefs are required to make 200 black and white desserts and have $500 at Albertsons to shop with. Johnny Iuzzini visits the chefs as they make their desserts and notes to the audience this challenge is tough because the pastry chefs have to introduce different flavors without using their colors.

As the pastry chefs prepare for the event, more drama ensues as Heather finds she is missing a pan of desserts and believes that Morgan is sabotaging her. Morgan in turn doesn’t trust Go Team Diva, which is comprised of Heather, Yigit and Zac. He especially gets tired of Zac’s voice which he compares to Julie Andrews.

The event begins and the judges taste all the different black and white desserts. They feel Yigit’s total effort works and they like that Erika wanted to do something different besides chocolate, but they feel her ice cream dessert tastes like glue and is a little soapy. Zac brings in different flavors with his whoopie pies, but Michael feels it’s “a lot of heavy and sticky.” Morgan makes his dessert in blocks and columns to mimic a newspaper, but Gail Simmons find his cake to be a bit dry. Heather utilizes lines to also mimic a newspaper, but has a bit of red in her dessert due to the use of raspberries. The judges do like the gingerbread flavor though. Eric finally receives praise from Gail for his plating skills and Johnny feels Eric has finally broken out of his mold of being a baker and created something worthy of a pastry chef. Danielle gets literal and creates a dessert that is plated to look like the number 128, which Gail likes, but Michael feels her creation made up of three different desserts is not cohesive. Wisit Prapong from Top Design is at the party and expresses his dislike of Danielle’s dessert.

Once the event is over, Heather, Erika and Danielle are called in first to the Top Chef: Just Desserts judges’ table, as theirs were the judges’ least favorite desserts. Heather is called out for having color in her dessert, Erika is called out for her ice cream tasting like soap and not exploiting blackberry enough and Danielle is told the order of flavors and textures for her 128 didn’t work. They are sent back to the stew room to send in the rest of the pastry chefs with no decision made yet.


The men approach the judges’ table as they had the four best desserts of the day. The judges are impressed with all their desserts, but the winner is Yigit, who the judges declare best embodied the spirit of the challenge with his Chocolate Cake with White Chocolate Mousse, Berry Compote & Almond Milk Ice Cream.

The women return to the judge’s table and learn that Erika’s dessert didn’t measure up this week. She is told to pack up her tools and go.

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